Friday, March 30, 2012

Running playlist | Warm up/Cool down playlist

Tomorrow morning I'm crossing something off of the I'll-probably-never-do-this-so-I-won't-even-put-it-on-the-list of things I want to accomplish in my life list.

The last time I remember being this intimidated was on the drive over to meet my blind date, who became my husband.
I've still never run outside so the race will be my first time. eeek!
I did my very best on the treadmill and I had to walk more than I had hoped.
I'm counting on what everyone seems to say: that the crowd & the live bands will move me farther, faster than I go on the treadmill alone in the gym.

Here's my tried & true running playlist.
You can listen to it on Spotify here.
*Disclosure: not the best lyrics, but the best beats for getting (& keeping) my booty moving.

Waka Waka is so fun; it's hard not to sing out loud.
(Have you ever heard anyone sing out loud at the gym?) God, I'd just love if everyone broke into a routine; I pictured it often when I first started. Hey, treadmill running is booooring.
And Stronger is a sure-fire "push me when I want to stop" pick.

You can listen to my warm up/cool down playlist here on Spotify. I use it for walking at any pace & stretching so it's quite a tempo mix. I'm going to trust you not to warm up with Fix You.

I was hoping to find a movie with a female runner girl to inspire me tonight, but I haven't thought of a good one. Think: The Devil Wears Prada, swap running for fashion.
The most notable running scene I've seen lately is George Clooney running in boat shoes in The Descendants. Perfectly hilarious & pathetic all at the same time. He talks about how it came to be here.

Inspire me: 
how did you push yourself past your comfort zone
 & are now so glad you did?

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Here's to crossing off the list!

The proverbial list. You know the "Gosh, I hope one day I'll...." list.
I've accomplished plenty of things that were never on that list. Happy things like having 3 kids, making the perfect roast chicken, seeing the cherry blossoms in DC, etc.

I think the things I really wanted to accomplish never even made the list because I couldn't bare the fact that realizing them is simply unimaginable.
1. Being happy with my weight and size. Yea. Never. Gonna. Happen.

But then I started crossing things off like: 
2. Clearing up my face with the right face wash & moisturizer & foundation for my skin

3. Stop biting nails (seemingly impossible for this lifelong nail biter here). Besides willpower, this polish made it possible. 9 months & they're long & strong. (& far too oval for my taste, but there's a language barrier.) Regular gel manicures keep them in tip top shape & last all month.

Then frustrated with my plateau doing Zumba & eating no carbs for months, I decided to take a swing at running. I truly figured it would be a one or two time try & quit. I have asthma. I find the treadmill incredibly boring. I'm short & curvy, not long & lean like the "runner girls" I've always envied admired.

It's been three months. I started out being able to run 1/2 a mile. I run nearly every other day on a treadmill. Honestly, 3 miles is my max.  I finish a 5K in 34 min only if I take my inhaler beforehand, have the perfect mix of music, the right pair of pants, and band aids on my blistered heels.

 Today, I signed up for a 10K.

The race is named one of USA Today's top in the country, saying:
The Monument Avenue 10K
Richmond, Va.
This 6.21-mile race, to be held next on March 27, 2010, takes runners down tree-lined Monument Avenue, which is dotted with historic statues and surrounded by beautiful Southern homes. "You get the sense that Richmond really was the capital of the south," says Yasso, who explains it's also a very festive race. There are bands that play along the course and a costume contest. "It's a big party,"says Yasso.

Dan ran last year along with my (8m pregnant) friend & her family. Also pregnant, I couldn't imagine running it then or ever but the excitement in the air got me wishing I could. The vibe down there was contagious: healthy & fun. My kids loved the dancers from UVA. This year Dan & the kids will wait for me at the finish line and hopefully it won't be dark by the time I arrive. (The race starts in the morning)
Wish me luck folks. At this point, I've never, ever, ever run outside.

Maybe I can cross "go to Italy" off my list next!

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