Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Making the most of a couple days, just us 2

We thoroughly enjoyed the couple of days we had to ourselves in DC. The cherry blossoms are gorgeous against the monstrous monuments & government buildings downtown. I can check "see the DC cherry blossoms in their glory" off my life list.

A few tips for making the most of time away from the kids:
1. Do what you can't/don't do with your kids (sleep in. linger at museum exhibits.)
2. Go where you can't/don't go with your kids. (trendy downtown eatery. walk instead of drive)
3. Work on grown-up time. (breakfast at 11. dinner at 9.)
4. Don't let "make the most of it" equal stress or pressure to pack it all in & wear yourself out. Thus coming home not the least bit rejuvenated.
5. Grand plans of touring every Smithsonian museum, but feel like sitting at the Tidal Basin & enjoying the cherry blossoms with a latte after just touring 1? Go with it.
6. And this is a universal trip MUST in our home: discuss expectations in advance. "If I come home & didn't stop @H&M's maternity section or see the cherry blossoms, I'd be disappointed."

I loved walking everywhere (especially since being in my 3rd trimester gave me the fashion pass to wear sneakers). Georgetown is uber-charming. Reminds me of Boston. And we always have to spend time there. Re-visited Pizza Paradiso for it's brick oven pizza & homey ambiance. Even stopped in at Georgetown Cupcake to see what all the hype was about. The pink boxes & fresh flowers on the tables impressed me most.

Did WAY more touristy things than I've ever done on a vacation. Even carried my DSLR around downtown to shoot the cherry blossoms (above). Thank the Lord for iPhone because I just don't think I could go as far as carrying a map.

Since we'll be back soon with the kids, who will enjoy the zoo & the Natural History Museum (Night at the Museum 2), we hit the much less preK kid-friendly, American History & Holocaust Museums. I think the biggest thrill I got was heading out of the hotel at 9pm for dinner in a dark bar the locals love. Haven't felt so young in years!

An unexpected highlight was a conversation with the owner of Ben's Chili Bowl, who lived through segregation & kept her business alive against all odds in an area that was once the ghetto. (More here) Now the line is long just to get in & wait in line again to order a half-smoke smothered in chili & fries on the side. She told us all about her friend Bill Cosby & his contribution to Ben's success and explained what goes on when the President of the US comes to eat. Did you know the secret service does a walk-thru & when cleared, the President enters & the doors are locked? No one goes in or out until he does. Wild! Not sure why she came over & spent such a long time at our table, but I'm grateful she did. I think the folks around us thought we were someone special b/c I noticed all the eyes checking us out when she finally walked away.

Nope. Just us.

For the record: I love it when it's just us.
Also for the record: I imagined the kids' reaction to nearly everything we saw. Can't wait to see it through their eyes next time.

*FYI: Yelp & Washington Post's Best Bets were my main resources for dining spots. Pin It

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  1. i am so happy you guys got some time together.... little jealous, but mostly happy. we went to DC with some friends when i 1st got pregnant with isaac and we had so much fun! might have to do that again! (the holocaust museum images still run through my head.... especially the shoe exhibit)glad you are feeling refreshed!


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