Monday, October 31, 2011

Delicious Roast Chicken & a WINNER

To the faithful Ina Garten's recipe (here), I've made some adjustments to make it my own delicious roast chicken. Adding butter between the skin & the breast, using rosemary, lemon & garlic aromatics are the biggest changes. It's simple & delicious.
The worst part is cleaning out the innards. Ick! If you're going to do the dirty work on one, buy & roast an additional one. This is primarily the reason I don't roast veges in the pan like Ina does. I need the space in the pan for the other bird. The aromatics stuffed in the cavity are just the right touch. To roast 2 like I do: double the recipe below, but not the cooking time.
Eat one tonight & use the meat from the other for another meal during the week.
We have a winner of Seeds Family music!
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  1. Remembered seeing this a while ago- Im trying it out tonight! :)


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