Thursday, February 15, 2024

He knows me, mommy! I'm special!

I’ve got to share this with you while it’s fresh in my mind.

I've had a feeling a moment like this was on it’s way for a couple of weeks now.Well after the sun has gone down,
Carter is snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug in his bed after we’ve read a book & prayed,
it’s time for the song portion of our bedtime routine.

Tonight he picked the song I’ve sung to him since before he could speak.
It’s a Veggie Tales song from a personalized CD;
Carter” is inserted into the lyrics of each song & at various times the singing veges talk to “Carter”, encouraging him to sing along. Great gift from my aunt for his 1st Christmas.

A rather big deal for a little one.
The first time he realized that Junior, the singing asparagus said “Carterwas quite a long time ago & the novelty has certainly worn off by now.

There I was kneeling in the dark room, Carter lying still & nearly totally covered by his blankets in the bed beside me. I sang...
I thank God for this day, for the time to play outside, for the birds in the trees/for this special lullaby.... Carter’s grateful heart is a happy heart I’m glad for what I have/that’s an easy way to start for the love that God shares as He listens to my prayers...”

That’s when he shot up!
Looked me straight in the eye & exclaimed HE KNOWS ME!”

Stunned a bit.
But quickly composed, I lovingly answered, “Yes pal, He knows you”
Carter: “I’m special! He knows me! Why, mommy?

Now, I’m fully aware of this pivotal parenting moment.
Trying so hard to keep my cool. With his undivided attention, I said,
Carter, because He made you in my belly, buddy. He loves you more than even mommy and daddy do. He has big plans for you.

I shared a couple more promises from God for him because people, he was staring right into my eyes & soaking my words up like a sponge.
Then, he interrupted, “I’m special, mommy!”
(Oh God, thank you for letting me be the parent at the side of his bed tonight!)
Carter: “Mommy, Junior knows my name! Not every kid gets to know Junior. When I was in your belly he knew my name.

Me: “What did you say, pal?
Carter: “Junior knows me, mommy. I’m special.”

Me: “Carter, I was talking about Jesus. Jesus loves you. Jesus made you in my belly. Jesus knows your name.
Carter: “Jesus? Oh.”

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