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Couples Getaway Rules | Lake Placid Recommendations

from High Peaks Resort
Lake Placid was the perfect place to celebrate 10 years of marriage last week.  
The perfect blend of adventure & relaxation. It's easy to feel that you've been transported far, far away with the mountain views and the French-speaking folks wandering the village alongside you.

To maximize romance & return relaxed, we tend to follow a few "just the two of you" Rules

1. Detach. Leave every day life behind (resist social media & staying in touch with the outside world).

2. Routine shmootine: dinner reservations at 9pm, midday jacuzzi bath, un-make the bed any time, as many times

3. Go inside together for the littlest of things-pack of gum, coffee run, cash withdrawl. No kids to unbuckle & buckle!
Mirror Lake
4. Separate a bit. Don't make 24/7 togetherness mandatory. Respect the different ways you wish to pass time-sleeping in vs. sunrise jog, reading a book vs. watching ESPN, shopping vs. museums.
5. Download new music to listen to on a drive or wear a new scented lotion. These sounds & scents can trigger memories for years to come.

6. Get yourself dolled up & don't let him see you in the process, like you did while dating. Meet at the restaurant for bonus flirty points. (My husband actually said "whoa!" so convincingly when he saw me that I wondered if I something was wrong with my face. "You're pretty, Tina".  I wasn't wearing anything new, just spent more time & added mystery. Score.)
Mt Jo
7. Steer clear of conversation topics that divide you (in-laws, budget, etc.)

8. Eat slowly, in restaurants with cloth napkins and courses.

9. Indulge thyself. Sleep late, get a blow-out, hire a driver, share an all-appetizer meal, buy the best seats, wear heels or go make-up-free-whichever feels more indulgent.

10. Make eye contact. Listen actively. Hold hands.
High Peaks Byway

Lake Placid recommendations:
High Peaks Resort (Jr Suite Waterfront Collection w/balcony) With or without family, I'd stay here in warmer months for access to the waterfront pool, lake & rental boats (incl.) Reserve an outer room w/balcony in Waterfront collection to maximize privacy. This resort is situated on Mirror Lake & within the town of Lake Placid-guests can walk for meals & shopping. *It was the room that made this place a gem, which is why I'm so specific above. We had a spacious suite w/King bed, jacuzzi tub w/lake view, & private balcony. Some of the property appeared less luxurious.

Big Mountain Deli & Creperie- Yummy breakfast & lunch. Grab a window table.
Smoke Signals-I was taken by the modern-rustic motif & seating overlooking the lake. Upstairs is the live music venue & had large TVs for sports enthusiasts in the bar. Food & service were good.
Lake Placid Brewery-Go for craft beer. Ambiance & food wasn't great or bad.
Maggie's Pub-Lake Placid Lodge. Quite the luxurious lodge, it is inviting & gorgeous. The pub is ambient without feeling stuffy.

*Summer, relatively little effort, big reward category
Mt Jo
Climb Mt Jo. "one of the best views of the high peaks to be attained for such little effort" Read more about this & other 1-2 hr hikes here.
Hike up Cobble Hill. A short, easy hike with two trails to a rewarding summit: steep & short or longer & easier. We did both.
Drive the High Peaks Byway. Route 73 between Lake Placid & Hwy 87

Mirror Lake

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