Wednesday, July 27, 2011

excuse my absence

Sometime between 1am and 7, I remembered I never got around to share Clara's birth announcement with you!
With no grandparents around and my husband back at work, my inspiration is even slimmer than my free time.
So here you are, my somewhat poor excuse for a post, and at the same time the best excuse for the drought around here: a 6 week old baby & her two relentless older siblings. 

If only the two of them were as in love with each other 
as they are with her.
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Saturday, July 2, 2011

good morning, beautiful!

speaking of living in pjs & relying on dry shampoo for a while,
have you seen these no heat, super easy, overnight curl tutorials?
there's the sock bun curls

and this one for a more vintage curl

not sure my hair is long enough, but i've been meaning to give it a try. sure might add a little spark to waking up in the morning after being up all night with a hungry, bright-eyed baby.
what i woke up to this morning was...
well, technically it was my little beauty, who immediately started looking for her lovely little sister.

next it was impossibly perfect kate middleton.
apparently, that's the white Reiss dress she wore in her engagement photo; makes her slightly more everyday girl, doesn't it? wearing something more than once.
i want to go to something where i can wear a large ornate hair accessory and matching shoes (not shown above). in the past 2 weeks i've been to the hospital & Target. i digress...

(tutorials found on pinterest. kate photos: popsugar)
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Friday, July 1, 2011

New Mom Gift Guide

Heading out to visit a new mom & 
don't want to arrive empty-handed? 
Think practical!

These are some of the gifts I've appreciated most over the past few weeks. And some I couldn't have done without.
grab these at Target on your way over
for your girlfriend:
 these are essential hospital items too. 
she'll likely be in pjs/loungewear until she fits into pre-pregnancy jeans for weeks, so new ones will boost her mood. 
don't spend much though, they'll get um..soiled.
slippers: hospital floors are creepy. 
lansinoh lanolin: for obvious purposes & chapped lips too.
dry shampoo. i love this brand b/c it's colorless & cheap!
hair elastic & bobby pins, of course.

for anyone:
 I think this collage is self-explanatory. these small items go a long way.

A playdate for the older kids

A home-cooked meal 
(freezable or heat it up later-friendly, even better) 
*the less they have to return to you the better, 
so spring for toss-able containers or those you don't need anytime soon
Photo gift cards
I got an Edible Arrangement of fruit yesterday-delish! 
Grab & go nourishment is where it's at.

A friend of ours brought a cooler of hors d'oeuvres & wine to the hospital for us to make the most of our romantic getaway. You think I'm kidding but those days together were as close as we'll come for a long while. And they were super special. She even remembered a cork screw & glasses.

What are the best gifts you've received as a new mom? 
Did I miss anything?
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