Wednesday, July 27, 2011

excuse my absence

Sometime between 1am and 7, I remembered I never got around to share Clara's birth announcement with you!
With no grandparents around and my husband back at work, my inspiration is even slimmer than my free time.
So here you are, my somewhat poor excuse for a post, and at the same time the best excuse for the drought around here: a 6 week old baby & her two relentless older siblings. 

If only the two of them were as in love with each other 
as they are with her.
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  1. cutest baby announcement EVER. love love love!

    hope the mama of 3 is getting some rest! praying for you girl.

  2. beautiful photo, beautiful presentation, BEAUTIFUL baby! She's taking my breath away.
    Love to you guys

  3. and I love the spilling Lilah hair

  4. I echo that this is the cutest announcement ever. Love it!


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