Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thankful for...

I'm thankful for...
1. 5K run in which the whole family could take part 

2. Still seeing that baby's face even if he is tall enough to ride roller coasters with me now.
3. Carter asking me to turn down the music before I open the door to drop him off at school.
4. Running 1/2 mile with Carter before 5K & he asks me to stop saying "good job & stuff to strangers" that passed us, nearing the finish line
5. Carter's birthday card creation for Dan reading, "you are hansom"  
6. live jazz music & delicious seafood in Colonial Williamsburg on a date with Dan
7. my husband singing along to Pearl Jam at the top of his lungs, driving our minivan home, feeling every bit as carefree as his teenage self
8. Clara loving to feed herself, doing a dance after every few bites
9. diving into waves in the ocean with my oldest two 10. Aloe lotion in the fridge
11. shopping through Class & Trash with my mom for flea market or antique finds
12. Lilah loving her new chin-length bob with bangs inspired by too many tears shed over knots in the morning & one too many freehand cuts courtesy of unsupervised time with kid-safe scissors
13. my mom telling me she thinks we're good parents  
14. good report from my sweet little niece's surgery  
15. getting to bring over a meal to a family, believing for healing & restoration  
16. Ellen's "clumsy thumbsy" segment; laughing til no sound comes out
17. new friends  18. patient teachers  19. Fiji water on sale at 7/11  20. band aids & vaseline letting me keep running with on my blistered feet. 
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

because the heavy things aren't fun to post

Some pretty heavy stuff going on over here in my heart & with people I love.
Believing. Trusting. Thanking God for His Divine provision. Humbled by answered prayers.

None of it is really blog material. At least not at this point. Which is why posts have been on the light side.
Let's talk about the unimportant things of note, shall we?

1. A few weeks ago I skipped my last gel manicure & just got it removed because I didn't have time. Since then I've bitten my nails down to pitiful. For the first time in over a year. Old habits are annoying. I guess I'm more anxious than I really feel. Sadish-mad face.

2. I am running another race this weekend. Only 5K this time, Chick-Fil-A sponsored, & I'm running with my husband. I'm a bit defeated because I'm nursing a few bad blisters this week. Here's to hoping it doesn't put a damper on Saturday's run!

3. I found a gray hair in my braid last week that gave my 31 year old brain a wake up call. I use daily moisturizer with SPF. I rub sunscreen on my hands & neck if I'm going to be out all day, since I read that these are key places to reveal aging. Sometimes I remember to put eye cream on at night. Hardly ever though. Now that we're coastal folks, that have already logged many hours of beach time, I've been on the hunt for a floppy beach hat. On Monday I snatched this one up at Marshalls for 1/2 the retail price!

4. I also picked up a couple of abandoned pallets to get going on one of these inspirational projects I've Pinned. I'm thinking the daybed is first.


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Thursday, May 17, 2012

thankful for..

I'm thankful for...
1. kids holding hands nearly everywhere they went without us at KOA   2. "if only we could have a class full of Carters...", his teachers (all three, independently)   3. reading, poolside while my 2 swimmers played with new friends. Ladies & gentlemen, I've reached that point! (well, as long as Clara's sleeping)
4. Nabbed this JCrew necklace ($150 retail) for $14.50 (shipping included) thanks to this blogger tip
5. Lilah talking in her sleep "Ohtay everybody,"   6. Clara sitting forward-facing in Lilah's car seat & grinning til her eyes were sliver-sized! I couldn't stop looking back; dangerous in a month when this is permanent.   7. Mrs. Meyer's Basil Countertop spray- smells perfect in the kitchen

8. picnic in Colonial Williamsburg with girls  9. Dan surprised me mid-day with lunch 
10. simple & delicious (looking) recipe finds (here)

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Monday, May 14, 2012

KOA VA Beach for mother's day

She looks exactly how I felt all weekend as we camped in a lodge at KOA on the beach.
The older two held hands as they went off together, they raced down the waterslides, built sandcastles, & rode the waves. 
On Sunday morning, my husband left me to sleep in the surprisingly comfortable bed at the lodge, while he & all three kids drove around gathering me treats: DD coffee, flowers, and cake. 
Oh, Jesus, bless that man! 
Watching the campfire burn out in the night, he told me about hiding flowers in the mailbox for his mom as a child. 
With his daddy's sentimental thoughtfulness, Carter made certain I got what I would love. He promptly asked for a piece of cake after presenting it to me in bed!

Lilah presented me with a fill-in-the-blank card, courtesy of her preschool teachers. 
I love my mom because: 
she takes me to ChickFilA & kisses me
My mom & I like to: 
go to the gym together
My mom's favorite thing to do is: 
dance crazy
But, she can't hide it: every day is father's day to her.

And I don't mind one bit, it's not always easy being Lilah's favorite.

I highly recommend KOA VA Beach for families. We went with accommodations as close to home as possible (because one of us had his fill of tent-camping growing up) with a lodge equipped with full bathroom, A/C, fridge, stove-top, microwave, and even a flat screen TV. It even had a gas grill on the patio so other than the campfire, you can hardly call what we did camping. We did turn off our iPhones other than to snap a few photos.
Our kids could have spent at least 3 days between the 2 pools, playgrounds, bouncing pillow, mini golf, and more before any sign of boredom. We spent one day at the beach-just 2 miles away (trolley service runs Memorial Day thru Labor Day)
We chose this weekend, as we did last year when we went to KOA in OBX, because they run a buy one night, get one free special.
I was asking if we could go back again this summer before we even left the campground. My kids didn't want to leave. Your family could certainly stay there & drive an hour one day to Busch Gardens or Colonial Williamsburg.

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Friday, May 11, 2012

favorite child mug

I'm one of the lucky ones.
On Mother's Day, I can reflect on my supportive, encouraging mom. The thing that makes me feel loved now is the same thing that I could count on growing up: she drops everything for me when I need her. She makes me feel like the most important girl in her world.
It doesn't hurt that I've birthed her only 3 grand-kids & she revels in her Grammie role.

So this year, I sent my mom this mug for Mother's Day:
She said, "I thought it was from Peter."

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

How Not to Quit Running | Running for beginners

1. Be reasonable
You just started. You aren't that lean, mean running machine on the treadmill next to you making a 7.0 look effortless. You're new. You're you. And just getting your shoes on & yourself to the track may be a triumph at this point.  Start off slowly, but not too slow that it doesn't hurt a bit. There's a reason running feels daunting: it's freakin' hard! The struggle is worth it. Find yourself a plan for beginners or just start out with a warm up, run a bit, walk a bit then each time add a bit more running than walking until you're running the whole time. That's what I did.
2. Be practical
I'm talking about when & where you run. For me, it's in a gym because they have childcare & I have a baby & 3 y/o at home with me all day. The treadmill is boring & you don't get the mental satisfaction of distance conquered. As beautiful as a run through Colonial Williamsburg would be, I'd rarely get around to it because I'd have to wait til my husband got home for childcare, because my 3 y/o wont stay in the jogging stroller. Choose which time & place is least likely to be sabotaged. Minimize excuses.
3. "Turn up some great music & run your butt off!"
This is the advice I got from a friend that had achieved recent success running. Besides being physically challenging, running was so dang boring to me! I wanted tips on making it less agonizing. Choose music with enough bpm (beats per minute) that will get & keep your body moving.
Try my playlist (check it out here) 
Other top recommendations: watching a favorite show while on the treadmill makes time pass. Running outside is visually gratifying-you're actually going somewhere and see how much is left ahead as well as getting a change of scenery along the way.

4. Be accountable 
I made my foray into running public via Facebook &
There's something about every friend knowing you're working toward this goal that makes it difficult to give up. A running buddy may work for you in the same way.
Also, sign up & pay for a race. Signing up for a 10K, knowing I'd have to cross the finish line on race day motivated me to prepare. Paying $30 to register furthered the investment. After that race, I signed up for another which impels me to maintain my routine.
5. Be comfortable.
When I first started, I wore a pair of cute running shorts like these. Ouch!  My inner-thighs were burning from the chaffing. And I found myself pulling on them the whole run.
Bottom line: if you're adjusting your clothing through the run, you're more likely to stop short of your goal. Make sure your shirt is long enough and your shoes aren't blistering your heels. (Liquid bandage helps run through blisters, by the way. I also had success with breaking in a new pair of sneakers using vaseline & bandages) I prefer to run in what you see the girls wearing in the photo above.

6. Stay hydrated (coffee helps too) 7. Potty first 8. Don't run on an empty stomach. Half a banana or a spoonful of peanut butter does the trick for me. 9. Try a running app like Nike Running which tracks your run, pipes in your selected playlist, and alerts you along the way. 10. Believe there will be after pics!
Have something to add??? 
I'm happy to hear what works for you!
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Carter's plans

When my husband texts that he's going to be late, I pull out the kid food & we wait to eat something grown-up after we put them to bed. And by grown-up I mean he picks up Chipotle & drinks an IPA or we eat something equally as spicy, washing it down with something carbonated. Do you ever do that? Tonight, I made the kids chicken strips balanced out by kale chips & rice pilaf. This kid obviously liked the rice best, it was his second helping.
Amidst his rice gobbling, he shared his future plans with me.
Carter:   "When I grow up I'm going to have 10 kids. 5 boys and 5 girls. 
Me:       "oh yeah? you want to have lots & lots of kids?"
He nods, mouth full. 
Carter:    "And the boys will go first [at bathtime] because girl parts take longer to clean."

Sounds like he's got it all figured out.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

thankful for...

thankful for...
1. surprise smoothie from husband after work 2. "you should teach classes on packing lunches" from Lilah's teacher 3. twirling, dancing, praising Jesus with my daughters to this song (possibly most profound time of worship ever) 4. Clara eating mouthfuls of sand
 5. Carter's stand-out role in the Kindergarten play. Beaming! 6. Answered prayers 7. Not giving up even when my shorts didn't cooperate (let's just say: fire-burnin': inner thighs edition)
 8. confirmation email for mom's visit 9. looking over & realizing I'm still convinced he's the best man in the room 10. family gobbled up a batch of orzo salad w/lemon, tomatoes, & feta (recipe here)
 11. lunch in the cafeteria with Carter's Kindergarten class, telling me jokes 12. Jamestown ferry ride over to strawberry pick with the family 13. baby napping on the beach, Lilah playing with new friend, mommy reading new magazine. the good life!

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