Thursday, November 14, 2013

Holiday Card Display

One of my friends is on top of Christmas cards each year. Do you have one of those too?
Anytime after Thanksgiving, her card in my mailbox signifies the start of actually going to my mailbox daily and anticipating which friend's handwriting will be on the envelopes inside. Our chalkboard wall, visible from the front door, at the center of our home is the perfect place to display their smiling faces.
These wires & clips from IKEA are installed, and kids' school work is displayed through the year (seen here). For the Holidays, I wrap them in fresh pine garland (secured with the red twist ties that it came wrapped in) and clip the cards to display. Easy peasy.
To create the chalk art above, I chose a fitting phrase from one of the greatest Christmas tunes and played around until it looked right. Nothing is permanent with chalk, so have fun with it.

In the past, I've used the same IKEA wire, wrapped in garland from Hobby Lobby.
For a nostalgic touch, I framed our family's previous Christmas cards on a brown paper bag background & hung them above the display.
For more details on re-creating this display, click here.

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