Wednesday, March 6, 2013

School memories.

What's your approach to the perpetual, plentiful art and school work that comes from your child's backpack?
Do you save every piece? Do you wait til they're off playing and hide it in the trash?
Is your refrigerator door covered in it? For us this method works swimmingly:
A prominent wall is painted in chalkboard paint and a wire (from here) is hung for each child.
Each week their masterpieces are hung from the clips. At the end of the week, I toss them while they're asleep, as not to hurt their precious egos. Honestly, they've never asked where they go.
On occasion, something stands out as a snapshot of their current stage and I keep that in a binder/folder. At the end of the year, I edit that folder, if needed, and file it away marked with grade, teacher, school, etc.
I don't want to forget Carter's retelling of coming home from school to find I had decorated the Christmas tree without him (bad mom), complete with misspelled words and illustrations or the first time Lilah wrote her name.
While my tendency is to toss, I know I'll appreciate the reminder that he wrote his name as a mirror image through much of Kindergarten after dropping him of at college.

I love the idea of scanning art and outstanding work along with photos from school activities into a photo book.
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  2. I'm a subscriber through google.
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  3. I keep a schoolwork book every year and it's a mess to bind! All the papers different sizes, etc. This would be awesome.

  4. I subscribe to RSS feed. Thanks for great giveaway.

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  6. Such a fabulous idea!! My girl is only 2 and I have stacks of this stuff....I'm not sentimental like that, but Daddy this idea might be the compromise!!

  7. Subscriber and all-around fan of both you and Shutterfly. :)

  8. Subscriber to this FABULOUS blog and shouting it from the social media roof tops...I want to win a Shutterfly photo book!

  9. Yeah! Love making photo books!


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