Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If He said He would, He will

This time I wasn't afraid to get my hopes up.
No matter who said, "it's unlikely" or pointed out the odds are against me,
this time I let myself believe in it as though it was secure.

I gave it everything I could, even if it could end up in vain.
And when I looked around me and saw evidence to the contrary, it only compelled me forward.

Because I heard the voice of God. 
It sounded just like the last time I heard Him.
It sounds a lot like your parents' voice.
You know the "even if I don't like it, as much as I may want to reason it away or deny I know it..IT IS"?
Truth is good that way. Absolute.
If He said He would do it, He will 
If He's done it before, He CAN do it again. 
It's more than optimism.
It's faith; "the evidence of things hoped for, the certainty of what we do not see." Heb 11:1

I love what The Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary says about the providence of God
"[In His providence] God attends not only to apparently momentous events and people but also to those that seem mundane and trivial...Indeed, so all encompassing is God's attention to events within creation that nothing...happens by chance"
We have experienced this providence, this attention to mundane & trivial just recently.
You may notice something missing from the top of my sidebar.
The house is no longer for sale, it's sold. 
In less than 3 weeks, for sale by owner.
Especially considering there are handfuls of houses for sale in my neighborhood by Realtors that were on the market for a while before we started selling ours & are still on the market now.
The price, the method, the timing, it all came under scrutiny.
Understandably so.
But, we heard God's voice. We were obeying until He gave us new instruction that was just as clear as the first.

We put our house for sale not knowing where we'd live when it sold.
We set our sights on Virginia being the perfect place for our family to spend the next many years. Though it's been years since we visited & even then it was brief.
For months there wasn't a single job available there, so we had every reason not to put all of our eggs in that basket.
Still, we did. Even resigning from his secure job here in TX, before he had another job secured.
We heard God's voice and His promises were etched on our hearts.

It was the most backwards, spontaneous, unconventional thing we've ever done.
But we heard God's voice. We trusted His words to us and His promises became our security.

We were still surprised by the way He Divinely weaved the details together, even as they are still unfolding.
We got the call for the offer on the house moments before entering a meeting with the VP of the company that Dan will now be working for in Virginia.
The offer on the house was for what we wanted, closing costs paid by buyer & the closing date provides ample time for Dan to finish up his current job with integrity.
Virginia proved to be a collection of the things we'd been wishing we had here in TX for the past five years and more.  Oh, much more.
(image above is a glimpse at our new region)
I promised God His faithfulness wouldn't be lost on me.
So this is my encouragement to you if you are considering following the unlikely Word that God has spoken to your heart: He has already gone before you! He said He would.
Trust. Obey. Believe. You won't regret it.
Need a little more encouragement?
Get it here.
There, you'll find some scripture & encouragement to hold onto after the jump!
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  1. How incredibly awesome, Tina!! It is also encouraging for me as Ryan and I are in a transition period right now. I am envious of you living in Virginia as it is a beautiful area, which you of course already know. God is faithful, and this story is continued proof of that. Congrats!!

  2. I don't even know you and I can't stop crying!!!

  3. oh. hope it's a good cry! :)
    it's ironic because i was JUST explaining "good cry" to my 4 y/o.
    be encouraged for the next time you trust & go for it!

  4. YAY! That is so awesome! Congratulations

  5. Definitely a good cry! God is just amazing. It is funny how He works out every last detail and everything He does works out better than we could ever imagine; and yet our stubborn nature leaves us always questioning and fearful of the unknown. Our brains and good intentions seem to get in the way of our faith. Your story was so uplifting. I pray that everything continues to go well for you and your beautiful family.

  6. Can I praise the Lord for what He's done, and marvel at His faithfulness, while simultaneously stomping my feet and pouting that you're leaving? Why, yes. Yes I can. ;)

  7. oh. i know. i hesitate before i write this stuff because of you & your family & the others that have helped to make this past 5 years so memorable. we're so thankful God called us here. our family started here. you know? thank the Lord for blogs & facebook & who knows what else will come up to keep us in touch!


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