Sunday, May 1, 2011

is that change you're waiting for waiting on you?

Sometimes the season is inevitable.
Sometimes the season is Divinely-appointed.
Sometimes the season is up to you.
Sometimes change is in your hands.
You know who you are.
You know because you've been making excuses OR surrounding yourself with people that don't make you feel bad for staying where you are OR convincing yourself you don't deserve the change OR you need just one more confirmation that it's the right step.
Yes, you.
I'm talking to you
I've been you.

Here's what the Bible has to say to you:
"These are the words of Him who is holy and true, 
who holds the key of David. 
What He opens no one can shut, 
and what He shuts no one can open." 
Rev 3:7&8

So what's holding you in this season if the next is waiting behind the door in front of you?

Maybe another verse in the song I quoted describes it well:
"The past is so tangible. I know it by heart. 
Familiar things are never easy to discard. 
I was dying for some freedom but now I hesitate to go. 
I am caught between the promise and the things I know."
-Painting Pictures of Egypt by Sara Groves

Here's the promise:
"The Lord directs the steps of the godly. 
He delights in every detail of their lives.
Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand."
Psalm 37:23 (NLT)

Today, I am feeling incredibly glad I took some uncomfortable steps into the unfamiliar in the past year (& as recently as this weekend).
I want to encourage you to do the same, 
as I remind myself how worth the risk it has been.

*originally written/published on 9/2010
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  1. Sarah BridgemanMay 2, 2011 at 2:37 PM

    Loved this post! Needed to hear this!!

  2. oh how i need to hear this. But perhaps I need to hear it over and over and over again until I take the steps I know I need to be taking.

  3. Me finding your blog tonight (as we're researching selling a house and, at this point, it would actually make more financial sense for us to try and sell our house on our own) has the hands of God written all over it. The scriptures you have written are ones I've been telling myself over and over in my head this past week or so, and others are what I read during my quiet time this morning, that really stuck out to me. Simply amazing. God is so good.

    My biggest hang-up is the fear of not being able to tell if I'm being driven by my own (our) desires or if it's the Holy Spirit nudging us. I just really don't want to mess up--packing up 5 peoples' worth of stuff to get the house ready for viewings is not going to be an easy task (especially with three little tornadoes trying to overthrow any progress I may get all day long)...and I am already short on energy.

    Long story short, thank you for posting about your house selling journey, and feel reassured that God's using it in peoples' lives. Thank you for giving God the glory. :) I'm so excited to see what He's got in store for us!


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