Friday, December 9, 2011

Holiday Card Display

Are you watching for the mailman & trotting down to the box immediately like I am?
Oh what fun it is to open a Christmas card with family & friends' faces smiling back at me! My kids are just as amused. A few early birds have come in already & I can hardly wait to see what comes in over the next few weeks.

How do you display your collection? 
This year,  I transformed our family room wall, where the kids' artwork is typically displayed (like this).
I wrapped this IKEA curtain wire with berry garland & used the clips to hang the cards.
I switched out the framed art for our own family Christmas cards from years past. The background is a paper bag. (my favorite holiday use for your paper bag here)

I mailed my cards out on Wednesday. Tiny Prints came through with the perfect matte finish on a cheery card this year. I'll share it with you soon.

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  1. ohh i want to copy this card display! love it! and awesome photos of the display!

  2. I know I won't get around to making something as amazingly delightful as this display happen in my house, about you come about you come visit & make over my house while you're here! You have a talent.

    Happy to see our card from last year hanging :-)

  3. Cute idea! And, I love that you framed your family's cards :)


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