Friday, July 1, 2011

New Mom Gift Guide

Heading out to visit a new mom & 
don't want to arrive empty-handed? 
Think practical!

These are some of the gifts I've appreciated most over the past few weeks. And some I couldn't have done without.
grab these at Target on your way over
for your girlfriend:
 these are essential hospital items too. 
she'll likely be in pjs/loungewear until she fits into pre-pregnancy jeans for weeks, so new ones will boost her mood. 
don't spend much though, they'll get um..soiled.
slippers: hospital floors are creepy. 
lansinoh lanolin: for obvious purposes & chapped lips too.
dry shampoo. i love this brand b/c it's colorless & cheap!
hair elastic & bobby pins, of course.

for anyone:
 I think this collage is self-explanatory. these small items go a long way.

A playdate for the older kids

A home-cooked meal 
(freezable or heat it up later-friendly, even better) 
*the less they have to return to you the better, 
so spring for toss-able containers or those you don't need anytime soon
Photo gift cards
I got an Edible Arrangement of fruit yesterday-delish! 
Grab & go nourishment is where it's at.

A friend of ours brought a cooler of hors d'oeuvres & wine to the hospital for us to make the most of our romantic getaway. You think I'm kidding but those days together were as close as we'll come for a long while. And they were super special. She even remembered a cork screw & glasses.

What are the best gifts you've received as a new mom? 
Did I miss anything?
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  1. When my son was born, one of my good friends brought ice cream and chocolate sauce to me in the hospital! Perfect friend! :)

  2. I tried the Suave dry shampoo on your recommendation and I LOVE it!!!! No more out-of-the-way trips to the spa/salon to get the expensive stuff!!!! Thanks!!!!!!


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