Monday, June 13, 2011

Packing the hospital bag

Well here I am. 40 weeks pregnant! And feeling every bit of it.
Just 3 days left of my last pregnancy. I would like to spend them soaking in a cool bath in an over-sized jet tub, drinking Chick-fil-A tea, browsing Pinterest. At least then I wouldn't be tempted to vacuum moldings and sanitize surfaces which has me running for the Tylenol every 4 hours.
I even humbly begged my mom to consider coming a day earlier because somewhere over the past 2 weeks my Italian, strong will lost the battle to my aching, swollen body! I can't bare to watch my husband pick up the slack any longer. He's doing it all without complaint, which is quite likely why I feel such sympathy. I owe him. And I'll owe mom & dad, since they instantly changed plans & we'll see them tomorrow night! I'm not even up to making a special treat to thank them.

Very soon I'll head in for my 3rd c-section.

It's time to pack my bag. Since sitting around creating a cute checklist is less taxing than actually packing, that's as far as I've gotten so far.
Free download: Hospital Packing Checklist
Did I forget anything????
For real. (This is not just me fetching for comments, though those are day-makers!)
Anything you wish you'd had while you were there 
or something you couldn't have done it without?
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  1. -We enjoyed taking our baby books to the hospital for visitors to sign/write well wishes in.
    -A few snacks just in case.
    -Toothbrush/ Toothpaste

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  3. Snacks for sure!

  4. I just want to say that I enjoy that you will be using a flat-iron and looking your best in the hospital! :)
    Love you and praying for you this week *hugs*

  5. First of all, you DO NOT look 40 weeks pregnant!!! That is what I looked like at 25 weeks! LOL! Seriously! You look fabulous! And I was going to say snacks as well...but it looks like everyone else was thinking the same thing. :) And I had a question for do you like that dry shampoo? I've heard of it but haven't heard any opinions on it.

  6. oh tina, i am so excited for you!!! i LOVE your list and will save it for me in november. the only other things i brought were my boppy, lanolin (although i didn't really need it for my 3rd) and hand sanitizer for the kids w/o alcohol.

    you will be on the top of my prayer list this week and i will be obsessively on the computer to see the new baby pics!!!!

  7. shelly: i could totally have forgotten a toothbrush. THANKS!
    tia: use dry shampoo weekly. suave (in a yellow can) is the cheapest & happens to be my favorite over the salon brands i've tried. MUST TRY!
    ritt: i was thinking cute bangs & obviously not sweet breath; trying to achieve the high standard you set for impossibly beautiful in pics after giving birth
    lori: i'll send you the file so you can personalize it for yourself in nov. remind me when we're closer.

  8. You look fabulous, darling.
    Your list looks great, and prayers will be with you as you welcome your baby! Can't wait to hear if it's a boy or girl!

  9. Beautiful bump Tina!

    We took gifts for the older two from baby that were a big hit and made the hospital visit less scary. They never could quite decide if she had brought them with her or not.

    All the best from Texas.

  10. SNACKS!

    Coloring books for big kids.
    a good book for you.

    You look beautiful!

  11. i love the dress!!! can't really think of anything else off-hand... you know, since i have SO much experience birthing babies and all :-) so excited for you!

  12. Wahoo for comments in the double-digits!


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