Wednesday, April 27, 2011

He says it like it is

Do you listen in on your kids' conversations?

On the other side of one living room wall are the bunk beds that my kids share (5 & 2). It makes for perfect eavesdropping. The playroom is just off the kitchen so while they think I'm cooking & too far to hear, their imaginations run freely. I love, love to hear what they are saying when (they think) I'm not listening.

Like most parents, I could almost have a whole blog dedicated to the things they say; mostly hilarious, sometimes profound.

The kids & I made the 10hr trek to NY again for a family event and were overjoyed when Nana said she would come back to VA with us. (PS: having a playful, willing caretaker in the backseat with the kids is priceless on a 10 hr road trip. Highly recommend.)
Early, early in the morning we headed over to Nana's house to pick her up for our trip home. Carter & Lilah were in the backseat discussing the day ahead. I heard "going home to see Daddy today", "Rocco will be wagging his tail when he sees us", "we get to go to Chick fil A for lunch", "I'm going to pick the movie first" etc.
Then there were a few moments of silence before I heard Carter say,
"Lilah, you know what? 
Nana really loves Jesus."

Stopped me in my tracks. I don't remember a thing they said the rest of the trip home. If only Nana could hear what her grandson says about her when she isn't around. Actually, she probably wouldn't be surprised. He could have said anything about Nana. Anything. Unprompted, he told his little sister the most important thing to know about Nana before we picked her up. Nana loves Jesus.

What would he say about me?

Mommy really loves to clean? Mommy really loves her computer?
Perspective is everything to a kid.
"Lord, I beg of You, keep me ever-mindful. Refine me. Be glorified."

They're always watching. Remember "She's copying me"?

On a lighter note: listen to this hilarious exchange at dinner the other night. Talk about perspective!
Carter asked us about slaves.
(We've done loads of exploring in & around our new city, which happens to be rich in Civil War history.)

Carter:                                 "What are slaves?"
Dan & I (para):            "Slaves were people that spent their whole lives taking care of other people. They woke up every day and cooked food for the family, cleaned the house, took care of the babies, washed clothes & laundry, worked in the yard. EVERY. DAY. They didn't get anything for their work. Every day they woke up to take care of people and the same thing the next day"
Carter (looks up at me):    "Mom, you're like a slave."

Want more?
  • This was likely the most hilarious thing ever to come from his mouth.
  • Then there's this @ bedtime when he really, really got me. 
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Monday, April 18, 2011

#3, you've already changed me

Having failed the glucose screening for the first time, waiting for the results of the 3 hour test has me thinking of how #3 has already changed me.
1. Boy or Girl? I have no idea and have had the opportunity to find out every 4 weeks b/c for one reason or another I've had an ultrasound at each visit.
2. The nursery. What nursery?  
Ok, there is one. But it hasn't been perfectly decorated & set up down to size N diapers in the drawer. The room is still set for Lilah even though she moved out of the crib & in with her brother months ago. The walls are buttercream, more butter than cream and they work with both girl & boy nursery motif's we have in storage.
3. I haven't bought a single thing.
By this time, Lilah had a full closet. Seriously. And that was before her shower. I started her collection when I left the ultrasound appt. revealing she was a girl. And of course, Carter was stocked because he was the first. Sadly, I gave away all but a few items items I had from each kid's 0-18m wardrobe. (They were born in cold weather though, so chances are not much would have worked.)
4. No nesting
Perhaps because this isn't my house (we're renting since we aren't sure how long we'll live here & had just a month to choose a home in VA from TX). More likely because the two kids keep me picking up after them all day long, I don't have the energy or interest in cleaning crown molding or taking a toothbrush to grout.
5. We aren't set on a name. By this time each other kid had personalized nursery decor. I'm pretty sure we'll be waiting til birth to choose if she's a girl. If it's a boy, you're set. We think.
6. Scheduling your birthday for after my due date?
It's time to choose a c-section date and I'm considering a day or two late. What? Mostly because I cannot imagine having 3 kids! Oh my Lord!
7. We don't have a pediatrician.
8. I haven't had a single pedicure, massage, or waxing.
(that last one was a bonus in case my husband is reading & struggling with Mother's Day ideas!)

Things that haven't changed:
1. I read every baby and pregnancy magazine I can get in my hands. I subscribed to babble's pregnancy blog & check in on several popular pregnancy sites.
2. I have to remind myself that it's most important to have a healthy baby & healthy mom. Giving up the "honey, it's time" experience because I have to have cesareans after Carter nearly didn't make it out safely, is worth it. Same goes for a couple other more typical privileges other moms have. Once you've pushed & pushed & had your OB look at you & say "we may not have a healthy baby or a healthy mom if we don't stop now" you'll thank God for Western medicine!
3. I'm believing this is the baby that won't have colic. Real, tried & true, diagnosable colic. Fussy, needy: fine. Screaming & crying inconsolably, for no apparent reason for hours each day: please, Lord, we've been through that twice already. We've stood by running water, running vacuums, shhhhhhh-ed, swayed, swaddled, cried & PRAYED, can we experience infant-hood without this time?

Now I've lost where I was going next just thinking about colic...

I can't wait to see if you have blond hair and blue eyes like your brother or dark hair & dark eyes like your sister.
I pray that you know God's love and love Him back with your whole heart. I pray you make good choices and learn from the bad ones. I pray you don't fall for the wrong person. I pray you eat fruits & vegetables as well as your siblings do. I pray you magically cause your siblings to get along. I pray that on your way out you'll grab a hold of all the extra fat you can so I get a jump-start. I pray you sleep so well I get to write a post about it! Pin It

Friday, April 15, 2011

capturing those real life moments

Hey, WNY readers, this special offer from 
family/child/maternity/couples photographer
s.j. bridgeman
ENDS TODAY! Don't miss out!!

Speaking of photography...
I'm glad I had my camera handy so I can give you a (very amateur) glimpse into our backyard strawberries & whipped cream festivities. 

Some of us are apprehensive...

Some of us dig right in...

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crossing a big one off the New Life in a New City checklist

New Life in a New City Checklist:
1. Find Dunkin Donuts w/drive thru, take coffee to find Target.
2. Find a good grocer
3. Set up a bank account
4. Find the best park
5. Establish with an OB, scout hospital maternity ward
6. Join a gym with good Zumba classes & safe, fun childcare

7. Find a home church, where they preach the scripture not just a clever combination of quotes & personal opinion, 
where raising my hands or standing still with tears rolling down my cheeks during worship won’t draw any attention, 
and almost as importantly, young couples w/kids the same ages as ours that can become our local family.

Truth is, we’ve been searching for the above church for years. Growing up, the people in my church family were the closest to me and made the most remarkable impact on my life, outside of my parents.

We happen to have some loving, godly men & women in our family that would more than suffice, if we lived nearby. Since that’s not the case, our prayer has been for provision through a church family.

After months of visiting churches that just weren’t it, we nearly called it quits in our search and settled. I mean we have so much of what we'd hoped for in this new city, we can't have everything. Do we really need to make local friends?

In the back of my mind is the challenge to be all in” while we’re here. 
We are committed to make the most of everything this city has to offer and be sure we experience & fulfill every purpose God had for calling us here. 

We recently got to cross “find a church” off of our list.
In fact, I stood with tears rolling down my face for almost half of worship feeling blessed and humbled that I stopped hoping for God to fulfill this desire of ours to find a church home. It was as though He slipped into the pew beside me & reminded me that He is my Father, who loves me, and wants good things for me and my family.
I didn't actually have to ask Dan what he thought of it because I just knew. By the time I rounded up the kids from their classes, I found Dan full-fledged in coversation with a guy & his wife & their kids, who, get this-are the exact ages/sexes as ours! It turned out that we had lots in common & we've even been at the same events and know the same people. Crazy!
It doesn't hurt that Panera donates bread & baked goods around which everyone gathers after the service to fellowship. If I didn't know before, I knew then, this was it! God is so good.

I’ve renewed my commitment.
I’m all in.
If there’s one feeling I’m too familiar with it’s
Regret that I didn’t take the opportunity when I had it.

No, we aren’t getting to spend Sundays after church with our family gathered around a big, plentiful table. We aren’t going to sports games or ballet recitals to cheer on cousins. Maybe someday. Fingers-crossed.
For now, I’m 1 hr from my longest time friend, who is more like a sister and her family that my kids & husband enjoy thoroughly. We’re spending all the time we can together, making every effort not to take our proximity for granted.
Whether I am downtown with her friends or hanging out at her house,
I drive home with an overflowing cup and I try to head back before that cup empties again.

We are “all in”.
The same goes for living less than 10 minutes from a charming beach and the world’s most beautiful amusement park.  In less than a 3 hour drive, we can hit up historical landmarks, including the Nation’s Capital and some of America’s most popular destinations. We are hiking State park trails, visiting aquariums and zoos, and discovering more and more right here in our backyard. After 5 years of complaining that we had access to little or nothing in our small city in West Texas, we simply must be “all in” while we’re here.

Next on the list: 
8. a hairstylist
Desperately need one.
I’ve stopped 2 gals to compliment their cuts & get a recommendation. Each time they had it done out of town. Jeesh.

9. a babysitter
10. a pediatrician

Do you pray for hairstylists and free local entertainment??? 
Does God's goodness humble you?

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

It figures...

It's setting the coffee the night before and feeling proud to serve your husband. 
Forgetting to turn it on.
It's putting the clean clothes in the dryer & a new load in the washer before you head out the door. Forgetting to press start.
It's filling your cart with more for your money and reaching into your purse to find you left your wallet at home.
It's heading to the beach with pails and sunscreen and remembering snacks. 
Forgetting the bathing suits & towels.
It's driving me bananas! 

I snagged free season tickets for the littles to Busch Gardens months ago. I got the best available rates for us grown-ups, including free parking. Score! The weather hit 80something this past weekend and we had nothing planned. In just a moments notice, I had filled water bottles, packed diapers & layers in case it got cool and we were out the door.
Go me. Go me.
Easy parking. Oh the anticipation as we rode the tram to the front gate & scanned our etickets. "Ok. We'll need a birth certificate to verify your child's age."  
"It's written right here on the eticket." No worries, they happen to be in my wallet from our recent trip. My wallet. Took out my ID & left it at home in the name of packing light for the day at the theme park. Kids, we're heading back home.
Go me. Go me.

Lately, I have been saying "no" or "not now" way more than I say "yes" and some nights my guilt keeps me awake. Yesterday the laundry was washing, the dishes were drying and there was no reason to say no when they asked me if they could make brownies. I nearly said "no" out of reflex. Sad. Instead I grabbed the mix, the oil, & the egg. Carter got the measuring cups & spatula. They perched themselves up at the counter & before long the house smelled like brownies which wasn't nearly as sweet as the feeling of "I said yes!"
After nap, we all had the same thing on our mind: brownies! You should've seen their proud faces.
Go me. Go me.
The phone rang. I failed my glucose test last week. I'll need to schedule a 3 hour test.
Hold on a second, nurse, let me wipe the brownie from my fingers so I can write down the details. I've never failed this test before.
Go me. Go me.

My son's hair is terribly overgrown. We got a free haircut coupon from Sports Clips & Carter asked daily if we could go. At this stage of pregnancy I have zero initiative. We passed by on the way home and I happened to be killing time til daddy came home. So I pulled into the lot. I saw his eyes light up and he leaned over, "I'm getting a haircut, Lilah".
I pulled into a spot & side-swiped the shiny black Acura next to me. I wasn't in a hurry. Just plain mis-judged. My free haircut (which of course I was too shaken to go through with) ended up costing much more.

I could fill the page with more "it figures" scenarios.
Moments like this are happening left and right around here, friends. 
I'm spilling and dropping things, misjudging and forgetting so much more than I can stand. 

I keep singing that song in my head "It's like rain on your wedding day/ A free ride when you've already paid/ Good advice that you just can't take/ Who would've thought it figures"

Well, sometimes I'm singing. Usually I'm fighting back tears and breakdowns first.

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