Wednesday, December 29, 2010

its so hard to say goodbye

It's so hard to say good-bye. (Has anyone else been singing Boys II Men songs since the Sing-Off?)
Goodbye Nana & Grandpa. 
What a wonderful Christmas we spent together complete with magical snowfall on Christmas night, leaving us snowed in the day after. So memorable & enjoyed I have nearly no pictures to document it. Gifts were plentiful, but just icing on the good-enough-on-it's-own cake. Just the way we like it.

Not having grandparents in my life as a child (that spoke English anyway) I'm blessed by both sets my kids have. They are loving, patient, generous, and long-suffering. 
I hope your holiday was filled with family & friends to share good food & conversation with in your comfy pants.
We'll miss you guys! 
(I know I did as soon as 6am rolled around & the kids ran to my bed & not Nana's!)

PS: Happy Birthday Aunt Tara!
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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We wish you & yours the MERRIEST!
And yes, we're a little extra joyful around here this year,
expecting #3 in June!
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Eat the good ones or save them for guests?

We made cookies. Every day this week. As soon as Lilah went down for a nap, Carter & I got cracking. Within the 1st half hour after he woke up he'd begin asking when it was time for Lilah's nap.

I have to declare ahead of time which things are grown-up jobs on the recipe. He wants to do it all. And he wants to know what age he'll be able to do the rest.
He is intentional & sincere, as much as his 4 year old boy impulses allow.
He had to assist through 4 days of my choices before we got to his "cut-out" cookies.

Today, when Lilah woke up I gave her 3 cookies to decorate on her own. She smiled & climbed up to decorate. She wasn't even finished sprinkling before she asked "I eat?!"

Carter said "NO!!! We have to save them for our guests, Lilah!"

I stepped in & said "Instead of fruit for snack today, how about you can each pick a cookie that you decorated?"

Carter: "Well, okay. But only the ugliest ones. 
Because we have to save the best ones for everybody coming over tonight"

Lilah had already eaten half of her cookie.

I've asked this here before,
"If I take credit for how thoughtful & kind he is becoming, 
do I also have to take credit for how...uh..
and selfish less thoughful she is?"

PS: This is a yummy & easy icing recipe. I did vanilla & added coloring. Think I'll use it next time too. Pin It

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas story set in a digital age

You're going to want to watch this one full screen.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

you're my present

We had a house full this weekend. I loved every minute of it. The kids running around, taking every toy out of it's place & that belly laughing that I love to hear so much I nearly cry.
One night, sitting at the table after dinner, Carter (my 4 y/o) reached over and grabbed a Christmas bow & stuck it on his pretty little 4 y/o friend Avery and said, "you're my present".
She smiled, sparkly-eyed & replied "what do you want a kiss or something?"

If her mother & I weren't right there (thank God! could you imagine if we missed out on such a moment?!) I wonder if it would have been followed with a kiss or if they'd just have moved onto the next thing like they did.

Am I getting old if all I want for Christmas is a full house all season long? 

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Dec 1st!

Ahh!! It's December 1st! I'll tell you what I'm thankful that detailgalblog doesn't have any paying sponsors because I failed miserably at keeping up my thankfulness posts before Thanksgiving. Sorry to my few readers that were waiting with bated breath. Thankfully most of you are my personal pals and you know exactly why blogging fell off the to-do list.
I'm back. We've settled into our home in VA and the tree is going up today.
We live a couple blocks from the historic inn pictured above and every where we go, it looks a lot like Christmas. I can hardly wait to start new traditions here in such a magical place for the holidays. I'm racking up quite a list of must-experiences.
I'm sorry that I got lost in family visits and decided to let detailgalblog suffer while I ate comfort food with some of my favorite people in the world. I thought about posting, really I did. But then all I could think of was "my kids running around with their cousins" "getting to linger at the table with my sisters and brothers" and "real Buffalo chicken wings, fingers, pizza" ,"souvlaki and warm pita bread dripping with mouth-watering Greek dressing". And who wants to read a list of thankfulness filled with food and family members.
Truth be told, I hope you were surrounded by people you love and loaded up on quality time with them as much as you over-indulged in pumpkin pie and whipped cream.
I'll try not to get lost in the magic of the holidays and share what I can with you.
24 more days!!!
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