Thursday, September 30, 2010

How to sell your house by owner: PHOTOS

*You are reading Step 2 in How I Sold My House By Owner in 3 weeks, so you can too! 
All 5 easy, descriptive steps are listed & linked at the end of this post. 

Photos can make or break your sale before you've ever had contact with a buyer.
Even the retired people that came to my house had visited the home's website first.
(make yours in Step 3).
Good photos were integral to the sale of my house (the buyers saw several homes after mine and kept coming back to our website to view our photos & it won!)
Before you start clicking, here are some tips that made my photos a hit.
Thanks to STEP 1, even the pantry was photo-worthy.
I highly recommend you finish STEP 1 before publishing photos, first-impressions can't be re-done.  
Grab a good digital camera. (This is the time to borrow a friend's or better, ask the friend to come by & take a few snapshots if s/he’s got a knack for it.)

1. Find the best angle to flatter the space.
Don't shy away from getting down low or stepping up high for the sake of the shot.
High ceilings? Crop down & shoot slightly up. 
  • Be sure to get floor to ceiling in your shot. Chopping the space negates the high ceiling effect.

I snapped the photos of my bedrooms midway through an abdominal crunch! Yep. I got down on my back, crunched up, & stayed as still as possible while I snapped.
Hey, it’s the best way I found to get the magnitude of a room from the doorway!

2. While you've Cleaned & Cleared in STEP 1, consider removing excess furniture from a room just for the photo. I removed something(s) from the floor of each of our bedrooms (chair, ottoman, toy organizer, etc) before photographing. It was worth the extra energy to exude "spacious".
    3. Aim to photograph your home's best assets.
    Buyers want to see the kitchen, main living space, and bathrooms. 

    4. Bad photos are worse than no photos. 
    • If you can’t get a good photo of it or it's not picture-worthy, leave it out. 
    If you missed STEP 1: click here
    If you want to start at the beginning of our journey, read here, here & here.

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