Friday, August 15, 2014

My life got flipped, turned upside down

Rap it with me:
"Now this is a story all about how
My life got flipped turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became the..

wife of a Medical School student!

Yep. We jumped off a cliff! My husband quit a solid job in the name of scratching the proverbial itch that hasn't gone away in over 10 years. (God, I dread how American & spoiled that phrase sounds.) Instead of going to MD school in 2002, when he was accepted, he pursued a career as a professor, and earned his PhD. Last year, he was accepted into the MD school here in NY! After pouring over spreadsheets and compound interest calculations, playing Devil's advocate, seeking wise counsel, buying in to The Meaning of Marriage, we decided to take the jump.
I wasn't going to say anything here on the blog. My lips have been sealed on this very personal & weighty process in real life as well, only sharing with a handful of supportive friends/family, for whom I'm grateful. The thing is, I think I'm going to need to blog about the long, challenging road ahead. Writing is cathartic for me. Miracles have happened to get us to this point and I'm certain they'll continue, and I want a record. I'm choosing to publish over paper journal because I found so little positive chatter online from other MD school wives and I'm hoping to provide it in the most honest way.

One week down & here are 10 things I've learned:
1. Moms of MD students can be insufferable in their pride. The pursed lips, the tone of voice, the cardigan uniform-if it's any indication of the wives I will encounter, Lawd help me!
2.  With 3 kids and a mortgage, and my SAHM-status, my husband is quite the unconventional student. At the white coat ceremony last week, he was mistaken a few times for faculty (which is tricky, because technically he is faculty, but in the PT Dept., and only until next month).
>Side note: This brings me to the most common question: "Isn't he already a Dr.?" Well, yes, he has a PhD. He is now earning an MD.
He has to earn the MD just as any other student, regardless of his experience teaching similar course content.
3. Female MD students make me nervous. They're obviously tenacious and a tad too pretty for my preference.
4. If loving what he's doing was the goal, we've reached it already. He is practically giddy.
5. I'm going to need to get a life. Something I'm giddy over. And housekeeping ain't it. 
6. Since we're certainly staying here for 4 years, I'll need to get some local girlfriends. Like yesterday.
7. Spinning classes are a savior! Between the break from my children and the endorphins, it's golden hour.
8. I'm back to drinking coffee after a long break from the habit. I typically only drink 1/2 a mug and soy creamer is a must, but I need the comfort of the cup to ease my jitters.
9. My husband has been preoccupied since classes began Monday morning. Will this be the new normal for the next 8 years?
10. Pretending that nothing has changed, for the sake of keeping the kids from unnecessary anxiety or the sake of convincing myself we'll be alright isn't the healthiest approach. There's a balance to be discovered and it will be worth finding.
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  1. Wow I enjoyed reading this. Well written. And WELL DONE to you five - your adventurous spirit is inspiring!!!!

  2. Celebrating with you!! Loved reading every word of this!!! Congrats lady and can't wait to celebrate with all of you in a few years :-)

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