Thursday, February 15, 2024

He knows me, mommy! I'm special!

I’ve got to share this with you while it’s fresh in my mind.

I've had a feeling a moment like this was on it’s way for a couple of weeks now.Well after the sun has gone down,
Carter is snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug in his bed after we’ve read a book & prayed,
it’s time for the song portion of our bedtime routine.

Tonight he picked the song I’ve sung to him since before he could speak.
It’s a Veggie Tales song from a personalized CD;
Carter” is inserted into the lyrics of each song & at various times the singing veges talk to “Carter”, encouraging him to sing along. Great gift from my aunt for his 1st Christmas.

A rather big deal for a little one.
The first time he realized that Junior, the singing asparagus said “Carterwas quite a long time ago & the novelty has certainly worn off by now.

There I was kneeling in the dark room, Carter lying still & nearly totally covered by his blankets in the bed beside me. I sang...
I thank God for this day, for the time to play outside, for the birds in the trees/for this special lullaby.... Carter’s grateful heart is a happy heart I’m glad for what I have/that’s an easy way to start for the love that God shares as He listens to my prayers...”

That’s when he shot up!
Looked me straight in the eye & exclaimed HE KNOWS ME!”

Stunned a bit.
But quickly composed, I lovingly answered, “Yes pal, He knows you”
Carter: “I’m special! He knows me! Why, mommy?

Now, I’m fully aware of this pivotal parenting moment.
Trying so hard to keep my cool. With his undivided attention, I said,
Carter, because He made you in my belly, buddy. He loves you more than even mommy and daddy do. He has big plans for you.

I shared a couple more promises from God for him because people, he was staring right into my eyes & soaking my words up like a sponge.
Then, he interrupted, “I’m special, mommy!”
(Oh God, thank you for letting me be the parent at the side of his bed tonight!)
Carter: “Mommy, Junior knows my name! Not every kid gets to know Junior. When I was in your belly he knew my name.

Me: “What did you say, pal?
Carter: “Junior knows me, mommy. I’m special.”

Me: “Carter, I was talking about Jesus. Jesus loves you. Jesus made you in my belly. Jesus knows your name.
Carter: “Jesus? Oh.”

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  1. TINA!!! You had me crying! Ha! That last pic of Carter is the perfect one to end this post on.... totally says 'Gotcha!'

  2. What a precious story, and even better, Carter will get to read it someday! I think you should submit this to I can just hear Bob and Larry reading the letter: "Carter in Texas would like to say..."

  3. Great idea, Sarah. Maybe I will.
    Even if just for laughs!

    Anne, just seeing that photo makes me feel like a fool all over again!! You're right. It's perfect!
    Though he just rolled over & went to sleep, oblivious, he may as well have given me this face.

  4. i laughed so hard... i totally felt everything you felt. i loved this story!!!

  5. Dear Tina,

    Thanks for taking the time to share this very CUTE story! I brought a smile to my face this morning as my work day began. Give Carter our biggest and best greetings from all his VeggieTales friends, especially from Junior! And if you think it's appropriate and right timing...tell him that his Veggie friends want him to remember one thing....that God made him special and that he loves Carter VERY much!


    Customer Service
    Big Idea - Makers of VeggieTales

  6. PRICELESS!!! Glad I could be a small part of this. You had me crying until he revealed who he was talking about, then laughing.
    LOVED it!!


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