Thursday, September 4, 2014

Welcome back, school!

While I'm rejecting pumpkins & colored leaves suggesting Summer give way to Fall, I could go around hugging the school staff for opening the doors to my kids this week. If you come over, I can perform the back-to-school jingle & choreography that sprang up spontaneously on the first morning as I plunked ice packs into lunches. We are ready!
Their clean sneakers and pressed pants and combed hair reflect the fresh start and lofty ambitions of this new year. My 5 year old is ready for Kindergarten; her maturity matches her zeal this time around. It was more emotional to walk my son into his 3rd grade classroom. Next year is his last in Elementary school. How can that be? 
Just when their absence starts feeling strange, I'm thankful for smiling faces bounding toward me from the school bus at the end of the day.

The peppy girl in the previous post crawled her way to this week. It felt like the end of my first 10K: adrenaline drained and my playlist lost it's power, but quitting wasn't an option. I crossed the finish line but not in any picturesque form.
It turns out there's no easing into MD school. For the first few weeks, I barely saw my husband. He is out of bed before me and in bed after me. He's studying or in class for all but a couple of hours he's committed to eating dinner together & putting the kids to bed. He says it's like drinking from a fire hose. He loves it! I'm genuinely happy for him. But that doesn't make adjusting much easier. And neither does reading the schedule and hearing testimonials from previous students as to the rigor of the program. Living it out ourselves is so much different. We had a number of spirit-crushing moments.
We're compiling quite the list things to be grateful for as well.
He passed his first exam and we celebrated with a couple of days together, taking deep breaths and exchanging knowing glances.
We're going to make it through.
We signed up for this dang race-we're going to pace ourselves, find our stride around each bend, capitalize on surges of adrenaline, and enjoy as much of it as possible.

I'm praying & believing these words for my children. I'm trusting them, myself.

The Lord is faithful;
He will strengthen you
and guard you from the Evil One...
May the Lord lead your hearts into 
a full understanding and expression of the love of God
and the patient endurance that comes from Christ...
May the Lord of peace himself
give you his peace at all times
in every situation.
2 Thess. 3: 3, 5, 16

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