Monday, June 2, 2014

Dinner with a side of Ray Lamontagne

My husband is practical about everything, well except this.
He spends exactly $0 on himself outside of the very occasional cup of coffee. I beg him to buy lunch on long work days. I convince him he needs this shirt I scored at Marshall's or that pair of replacement shoes after years of wear. So, when the occasion for a gift comes around it typically becomes the suitable time to deliver what I've been noticing he needs.
There's wisdom in taking note of how one gives love to learn how best they receive it. Since his gifts to me are almost always indulgent, with what I love considered above budget, I try to use that formula in giving to him. Which is especially hard because he loves to save money!
I've had a few killer gift ideas that aren't entirely practical thanks to tips from friends and the help of Pinterest. 

There's something about our stage of life that makes impractical feel romantic. Not too much happens around here on a whim. Spreadsheets and compound interest calculations are made as regularly as school lunches it seems.
When I saw that Ray Lamontagne was playing in an open-air amphitheater in a Finger Lakes town nearby, I grabbed 2 of the Best Seats Available in a flash. They were the perfect birthday gift for my husband.
This weekend was his birthday and my purchase made it past his watchful eyes on our bankroll. My super-awesome brother & sister agreed to keep our kids and that's all he knew as we headed down Route 20 last night. Promptly, as we began our drive (without kids!), I cued Trouble on the radio-not unusual, so it wasn't a clue.
"Are you going to tell me where we're going?" began and he kept guessing.
Naturally, driving through wine country, he guessed. "A winery? We're going to a winery; aren't we? NO! A brewery! Are we?" "A cooking class? Oh, we're dong a cooking class at a winery. Is that it?" but now, after all of those ideas, I'm afraid my idea is inferior. 
That's the thing about letting them guess, isn't it? You subject yourself to a list of what they'd really like to receive.
We stopped in Skaneatelas for dinner at the Sherwood Inn, because we love the interior and when the weather is nice, you can sit beside opened windows and see the lake. The food is delicious too. Strolling here, sans kids after a nice meal would have been decadent enough for my husband, but Ray Lamontagne awaits!
The easy, breezy venue, with food trucks, craft beer, and local wines was the perfect backdrop for Ray's music. Jason Isbell & the Belle Brigade opened (seriously, good music). Ray, well, he is just a pleasing blend of raw & raspy.

He's not a showman and his newest, Supernova is quite a departure from the moody music that drew us in, but we enjoyed the whole show.
The birthday surprise, the whole evening was idyllically, impractical.
Sometimes a little whimsy is good for the soul.

Ray fan?
Listen to NPRs Fresh Air interview with Ray regarding Supernova: here.
Boston Globe's feature on the fellow with the upright mustache, I mean, bass: here.
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