Monday, April 21, 2014

gifts from the Father

I've always loved the idea of my husband surprising me one day with "pack your bags, we're going away, your mom's coming to watch the kids."
And that just happened to me!
The timing couldn't have been better.
I found out earlier than he wanted, in the most uncanny way-which is typical. Since, I can be hard to please particular about travel planning, I was blown away that he'd arranged it all!
view from Terrace Room The Roger Hotel
In the past, we enjoyed The Roger Hotel, so naturally, he booked it again. I had a conundrum because I'd been eyeing The Benjamin hotel (they have a pillow menu!). Also, I prefer to try out different hotels in a city with abundant options, like NYC.
I felt God urging me to just leave it. I have a reputation for returning gifts, which sends the message of "why try?" to my husband. And get a grip, don't I always wish he'd do something like this? Honestly, I was still tempted. But truly, it felt like my Father telling me "leave it."

First, I should tell you: we're wrestling with a big decision right now. For over a year now, we've analyzed every aspect, sought counsel, and spreadsheeted that sucker to death. Still, there are things we can't control and many what ifs bouncing around in our minds. The theme of our conversations leading up to this trip can be summed up with "Will God provide?"

The night before we left we got a call from our hotel. They had overbooked and wanted to set us up at..wait for it...The Benjamin hotel! What?! Of the thousands of hotels in NYC! Of all the other reservations, they chose ours. At first, it was annoying to Dan, until I filled him in on the back story.
the benjamin hotel
Part of the deal was heading over to the original hotel for the last night. Which ended up being a complimentary night at The Roger Hotel, in an upgraded terrace room with a view of the Empire State building! Guess what else? Because my husband had some business in the city, one night was all we were responsible to pay for and it was now free of charge!
the roger hotel
Blessing after blessing continued through our trip. I'll spare you the stories but I have to include this one: we won the Wicked lottery!
One night, we went down to the Gershwin Theater box office hoping we'd luck out & get discounted seats. No luck. But we discovered the lottery. Have you heard of this? Enter your name 2 1/2 hrs before show time (entries taken until 118min before show time, bring cash & ID) and 2 hours before show time they draw 13 names for the FRONT ROW SEATS, at $30 each!
 It was crowded & I couldn't believe when they called my name! My name (or #) is never called, anywhere. We had the most incredible experience, close enough to touch Elphie & Galinda (silent Gah). This musical is simply sensational! If you haven't seen it, do yourself the favor. I'd say best seats are 5 rows back from the stage, but it's set up so that any seat will be great. Try the lottery!

I felt like I was flying around the city (until my blisters reminded me I wasn't)! Our Heavenly Father was going before us, granting us favor, blessing us in ways only we could appreciate were from Him. We just kept looking at one another, no words necessary, acknowledging God's blessings. Furthermore, the message wasn't lost on us: He will provide for the unforeseen, for things beyond our control. God is with us.
"Every good gift bestowed, every perfect gift received comes to us from above, courtesy of the Father of lights. He is consistent. He won’t change His mind or play tricks in the shadows." James 1:17 (the VOICE)
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  1. love it. this has been an intricate part of my journey this past year--receiving and looking for gifts from the Father. my road trip with my mom last summer the same type of amazing things happened. amazing things. i felt LOVED!

  2. Such a great picture of OUR GOD!!! Thank you for sharing it with me - it is such a reminder of how God has great gifts for us!!! And way to go Dan!!


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