Thursday, April 17, 2014

Before Anna, there was Annie

Like our children will recall belting out along with Elsa and copying Anna's charming antics, the soundtrack of my childhood is Annie. I could recite every line and sing every lyric and I did-much to the chagrin of family and friends. Watching Annie, I fell in love with NYC and musicals.
Because most of our wedding guests knew this about me, it was fun to walk out, after pronounced Mr. and Mrs., to "Together At Last". My dream of playing the little red-haired orphan as a child quickly morphed into playing Miss Hannigan as I've grown.
"Lucky me. Lucky me. Look at what I'm dripping with...little girls!"

By January, let's face it, the beloved Frozen songs started to haunt me-in my head, in the van,  randomly belted out from any one of my family members.
When I saw the stage-version of Annie at the library, I grabbed it, desperate to diversify our musical interests. I'm partial to the original with Aileen Quinn and Carol Burnett and Bernadette Peters, but my kids sat with mouths ajar through the whole movie!

And just like that, I happened serendipitously upon one of my greatest pleasures of parenthood yet.

On the other side of this counter,  I wow them with passionate renditions of "Tomorrow" while they're eating and take requests for "Maybe far away" at bedtime. Bonus victory: I hear them singing "Hard Knock Life" more often than "Do you wanna build a snowman" these days.
Oh and..
You can probably imagine a scene like this at your house: one night, after I'd been alone with the kids a few consecutive nights, I was preparing dinner and all three kids were sitting at the island, requesting and whining. I was reduced to short answers, "Yes.", "Wait." ,"Not now.", "Be patient." "No." "Later.", "Maybe." "I said yes.", "I said no." "Don't ask again." This went on for a bit. Eventually, silence.
My 2 year old spoke up, "We love you, Miss Hannigan."

I snapped this photo of Radio City while I was in NYC this week and my kids immediately recognized it as "where Annie went to the movies!".
My work here is done.
Anyway, give it a try, if you're ready to let go of "Let it go". By the way, Elsa, Elphaba, Adele Dazeem-whichever you way you know Idina Menzel best-happens to do a swell version of "Tomorrow" (you may remember I shared it here).

Have you heard about the new version coming out this Christmas 2014? My purist heart feels stretched enough, but I'm sure we'll be in line opening day.

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