Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dinner in a Flash: Turkey Chili

3 things make a recipe a win for me lately:
1. "Real food" ingredients. High on veggies-even better
2. Comes together without too much effort. No fancy ingredients, not much forethought, in less than 30 min: perfect.
3. Family [happily] eats it. Asking for more helpings, so I don't have the pressure of leftovers.
This turkey chili is such a meal. Most of the ingredients are in the house perpetually and it comes together with less effort than it would take to eat out.

I follow the recipe on page 100 in one of my go-to cookbooks, Dinner A Love Story, with only a few minor adjustments. Add diced pepper of your choice to the onion & garlic saute in the beginning. Add frozen corn kernels with the beans at the end. (I'm not black bean fan, so I used cannellini beans.)
Don't skip the cinnamon.
Double the next time if you want leftovers, this recipe will serves our family of 5 & pot is clean. Seriously, her 8 year old made this chili:
Turkey Chili Recipe here Pin It

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  1. Perfect timing, just about to make my menu and grocery list.


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