Monday, February 10, 2014

when mom's sick

Snowflakes have perpetually fallen here in central NY for weeks. If you follow me on Instagram you saw that since we live on the end of the cul-de-sac, the snow plow creates a sledding hill right in our front yard. (if not, check it out here).
With cold temps, come colds. And 4 of 5 of us have each been knocked out with painful sore throats and ears, drippy noses & eyes. I thought I had escaped the germs coughed into my face, but naturally, my turn came. And I feel so badly that I didn't coddle even more, now that I feel how they must have felt. 
Lilah's funk lasted longest & started clearing just as it came down hard on me
Lilah: Mom, can you make me bacon and eggs?
Me: Lilah, mommy doesn't feel good.
Lilah: pause
Lilah: head cocked to the side. brown eyes staring into mine.
Lilah: So, what about those eggs and bacon?

 Reminded me of this ecard.

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