Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lessons in $ with Monopoly

On odd occurrence, Carter & I were alone in the house and I had predetermined to say yes, no matter what he requested to do together. He picked (Electronic) Monopoly. We both like this game, mostly because one of us typically wins in our family, I presume.
This time it was just him and me. I was winning-which explains his facial expression. He doesn't like when his trusted strategy (buying all the railroads, collecting 2,000,000 on each landing) doesn't work; neither does his mama, so I keep my heckling under restraint. 
Electronic Monopoly, like real life, has progressed to the more convenient "swipe" over exchanging paper dollars and only the banker regularly sees your balance. You don't feel the money moving in or out, which isn't exactly conducive to smart money, so I wasn't sure I liked my young kids learning the practice.
Me: Carter, are you going to buy it?
Carter: No.
Me: Really? Why not? You have enough. 
Carter: Yeah, I know, but I need to have an emergency fund.

Way to "act your wage", son!
It's funny how playing board games can bring out things they are picking up from us, parents.
I don't even remember who won, honestly, because that was the real win for me.

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  1. Priceless!!! He is getting it! Congrats on successfully helping him in this "digital money" world! So important that we don't avoid the plastic/virtual money situation but use the tools we have to train them in it!!


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