Friday, January 24, 2014

to be a grown up when she grows up

We have a family tradition of interviewing the kids on New Years Eve. A video is my favorite, but a written form is a great way to document their handwriting & [mis]spellings at certain ages.
Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Lilah: A teenager
She's been intrigued by all things grown-up as soon as she discerned a difference in privileges. God, I remember being that way. The late night snacks & grown-up movies, the drive wherever, buy whatever, never-miss-a-thing-with-no-bedtime bliss that was adulthood from my young girl's perspective. Then there's marriage: an eternal sleepover with your best friend; he calls you beautiful and you make him cookies, signing your names on RSVPs as long as you both shall live. I couldn't get to grown-up status soon enough as a child and my girl seems to be following in those longings. It's a wonder to see these things that spring up naturally, and seem passed genetically, isn't it?! One of my favorite parts of being a parent.

She frequently asks me how old she has to be to:
have her own iPhone, drive, drink coffee, have her own computer, and be a teenager. Whatever I'm doing, even if it's cleaning, organizing, laundry, or the like, she wants to do it too. (Except, of course, when daddy's home and I become practically invisible.) Her competence surprises me-so proactive-putting away the groceries, finishing tasks for me without my asking.
While the baby is napping, we do something we wouldn't do with her around. Today she requested the grown up meal of runny eggs and toast, "like you eat, mama."

She was in her feeling grown-up glory. We made up a song for the meal:
Yummy, yummy
Eggs on toast.
Runny yolk 
's what I like most.
Although 3 is pretty dang cute to watch in videos, 5 is miles more enjoyable.

As I shared earlier this month, I'm getting a bonus time with my 5 year old this Spring semester because she's in PreK just a couple days a week. From the outset, I hoped for it to be treasured and not dreaded-by either of us-and so far, so good.
With both girls in "school", for the first time in years, I have six hours weekly to do all the things grown ups can't do with children.
Leave lit candles at arm's reach. Eat my whole breakfast by myself, while it's hot. Read labels at the grocery store. Coffee and live conversation with friends. Lunch dates with my handsome husband, which are the highlight of 2014.
I think I'm going to like this year.

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