Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Oatmeal cookies w/dark chocolate & dried fruit

There's something about a clean kitchen that makes me want to bake?
Is it just me?
My husband got the island countertop so shiny it was begging for some flour & measuring spoons.
I quickly searched Pinterest for an oatmeal cookie that only called for 1 cup and could be altered to use the trail mix I had on hand.
(Do you find yourself searching Pinterest over Google these days like I do?)
King Arthur White Whole Wheat flour is a pantry staple here because it's a sneaky way to get whole wheat in your baking. I was drawn to this recipe.
I altered it to include 2 cups (total) of dark chocolate chunks, dried cranberries, & raisins instead of the 3 cups of chocolate chips. I also substituted white whole wheat flour for the All Purpose in the original recipe.

They are buttery, with just the right balance of chew & crisp. 

My husband & I did this together. I secretly pretend we are Diane & Jack in Something's Gotta Give making pancakes (see it here), whenever we mix something up in the kitchen at night together.
By the time they came out of the oven, we had our future worked out & the world's issues solved.  
Is your husband your favorite person to talk with also? Smart guys rock!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The culprit?

At first, I was blaming the gym. The more frequently the girls and I went, the more often we were sitting in the "sick waiting room". Carter, never one of the sick kids, also is at school when we hit the gym. Hmmm...
Then he got sick.
Waaaaaiiiit a minute...

I'm not certain this otherwise wonderful willingness to help isn't partly to blame for our family's perpetual puking and feverishness lately. Those little helping hands have been spotted in nasty, germy places. (I won't even subject you to examples, like nose picking, crack itching, dog feeding.) 
Once I suspected this as the culprit, I began asking her to wash her hands before starting this chore (when I remember). We had a sickness-free couple of weeks, but it's baaack and unwelcome!
We are:
Vitamin C popping
Green smoothie drinking (this recipe. sub almond milk. sometimes omit oatmeal & pb. half the banana. add berries or peaches. ALWAYS frozen banana.)
Hand washing
Coat & hat wearing
Lysol wiping

What are you doing to keep germs at bay????

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Friday, January 11, 2013

A day in NYC. Part 2

As I established yesterday in Part 1, I was going after "roaming like a local" for the two days I was alone in NYC. We stayed in Chelsea. I find this to be a convenient location for heading up to Midtown for the typical touristy spots as well as wandering around Chelsea & the Village. I referred to Cup of Jo's guide for where to stay among other recommendations for hanging in NYC.

I skipped sleeping in for the opportunity to ride in to work with my husband, so the day started early. As much as I miss sleep, as a mom of 3 little ones, few things are as invigorating for me as a crisp, NYC morning.

Murray's Bagels was nearby and the line was nearly out the door so I figured it was the place for breakfast. I knew I had the right spot when I sat next to the Silvermans; mom, in her fur & daughters, dressed like the Olsen twins. The bagel was a great choice too. Whole wheat everything with scallion cream cheese. As a rule, they do not toast. The bagel is crispy on the outside & chewy on the inside. Perfect.
This kind of carbohydrate indulgence was a great start to a day of walking, walking, and more walking. I wasn't hungry again until dinner.

Besides meeting some good friends for a bit in the afternoon, the highlights of today were:
 Chelsea Market. Former Nabisco factory between 9th & 10th Ave at 15th & 16th Street. Here, you can shop at Anthropologie and other boutiques and grab a bite (or six) to eat. Most importantly: arrive hungry.
There's something for every craving. May I suggest:
bread at Amy's, build an antipasto of dreams at Buon Italia, and chocolate cookies at Jacques Torres. There's an abundance to choose from here; come hungry and bring a decisive companion.
image via
Head out on the 10th Ave side & go up to the High Line. A park built on an historic freight rail line on the west side that runs from Gansevoort St to W 30th between 10th & 11th Ave. The teak loungers are the perfect place to settle down with your picnic of goodies from Chelsea Market or to rest your tired feet and people watch.
image via smith & ratliff

I went down to see the new World Trade Center construction and the 9/11 memorial
Meandering in and out of shops in Greenwich Village and through Washington Square
If you stand on 5th by this arch and look uptown you can see the Empire State building, which is especially majestic in red & green.

Easy to grab bites:
Shake Shack has developed quite the cult-following for their burgers & creamy shakes.
Melt Shop.Grilled cheese & tomato panini with tater tots. Yum!
Gray's Papaya "the best darn hot dog in NYC" has a popular recession special for 2 dogs & a drink $5.

My objective was to eat grab & go meals because I was alone for most all day and wanted the freedom to roam. Even when we did eat together it had to be relatively quick. Also: I knew I'd be eating salads for weeks once I got home, given it's the start of a new year, so I went for the greasy, meaty, carbohydrate selections.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A day in NYC. Part 1.

My husband had work to do in NYC this past weekend, and thanks to my mother-in-law for coming to stay with my kids, I tagged along. He was tied up from morning til night, so I roamed along pretending to be a local all day.
 #1 on my list was a morning run in Central Park. I've been dreaming of doing this since I started running last year, and it was every bit as exhilarating as I had hoped.
I quickly noticed the advantage of wearing running gear in the freezing temps in NYC: you are assumed to be local, thus ignored by the vendors in touristy Midtown.
I took advantage of this as long as my bones could bare it, wandering over to the bridge where we were engaged 10 years ago this month.

The City is still boasting Christmas lights; it's just so pretty this time of year. I get teary-eyed looking at the Empire state building lit up in red & green. Strange, I know.

I stopped in Sephora, where the pretty employee sold me on Hello Flawless! by Benefit under my trusty Bare Minerals powder.
For lunch, I grabbed a hot & gooey grilled three cheese & tomato sandwich at Melt Shop. Yum!

By this time I needed a shower and a coat!
Other than a run in Central Park, I knew I wanted to try out Dry Bar while I was in NYC this weekend.
A blow-out, therapeutic wash included for just $40? Yes, please! Just stepping inside made me feel lovely. I could have hugged the gal who did my wash! Divine! With When Harry Met Sally on the screen & a drink of my choice on the bar in front of me, I kinda forgot I needed to choose from the menu of styles for my blow-out.
My stylist secured his tip when he chimed in with "You have the best hair I've done all week. Do you know that you have really good hair?" and acted shocked to hear I had three kids at home. My hair looked as fabulous as I felt when I walked out 35 minutes later. What a treat!
*Tip: make your appointment easily online.
I practically pranced over to meet my husband at Bryant Park.
Dan showered me with compliments all night & the next day, surprised it lasted so long. We got a bit touristy at night, checking out the tree at Rockafeller plaza and the ice skaters in Central Park.
Famous, Brick-Oven, Grimaldi's pizza for dinner. 

And Magnolia Bakery for dessert.

Day 2 in NYC: including Chelsea Market & The High Line.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello 2013. Best of 2012

A glimpse at how we welcomed the New Year! Runny noses, pjs, flu symptom relief meds and messy hair.

True to form; midkid ran a fever for 9 days but even that can't keep her down.

2012 was a big one for our family.
Most notably, we started our own company.
Then, sooner-than-anticipated we said goodbye to our storybook town & packed it all up for the opportunity to live closer to family.
Spent the past four months making my Pinterest dreams come true in our new home.

Kicked my nail-biting habit.
Started running & didnt quit! {amp; how not to quit!}.
Thankfulness project revolutionized my approach to contentment

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