Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thankful when it's tough

What the first week lacked in opportunity to practice being thankful when it's tough, last week made up for in spades.
First, my husband's grandmother passed away.
Thankfully, her 90 years were full and she died pretty painlessly, with her loving children nearby.

Unfortunately, she died States away from most of her family, who couldn't make it to her funeral.
Thankfully, we had the flexibility and the finances for my husband to join his mom, to honor his grandmother.

With daddy out of town and school breaks, the kids & I headed a couple hours away to visit my mom. When we left, I was nursing one child with a cough and runny nose. 24hours later, the baby's ear drum had ruptured very painfully, we'd been to urgent care twice, where all 3 kids were prescribed antibiotics.
Thankfully, the waiting room was stocked with coloring supplies for the kids and a Keurig for me. We hardly waited and at $20/each per visit and $5/each Rx, it cost less than $100 (better than the ER).

So much for visiting the science museum and hitting up their uncle for a movie & theater snacks. Everyone was stuck in the house, which gets old very quickly. My drippy-faced, infected kids can still bounce off walls and each other, I don't know about yours.
Thankfully, Grammie took time off work and I had the pleasure of running errands alone, crossing quite a bit off of my list.

The worst of all blows came one night while I was out running an errand. When I got home, my son told me that Grammie's dog had bitten his little sister and she'd screamed. Sure enough, he had broken the skin on her chubby little hand and it was red & swollen. I felt terrible for not being there.
I felt terrible that she was already in pain from such a bad ear infection and fever and now this. I felt terrible for so many reasons.
Thankfully, by morning the swelling and redness was gone & just the bite marks remained. She didn't complain about it.

We cut our trip short and drove home in the dark. While the kids slept, I listened to a Tim Keller podcast titled 'Peace' that was like balm to my soul, in desperate need. If you're interested in learning how to remain thankful & content long after the Facebook posts stop Nov 30th, give it a listen. Wow!

He reminded me of the inspiring story behind Horatio Spafford's hymn, It Is Well With My Soul (read it here.)

How about you? How are you doing with being thankful when it's tough?

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  1. OUCH. That is quite a week Tina! Rejoicing that Dan and Della could go to funeral.
    Give those kids lots of get well wishes from Texas.


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