Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Don't you cry | Giveaway Winner

Today is chopping day in my preparation for the big feast here on Thursday. The onions had me watering at first slice. I was standing over the sink to remedy the situation when I realized I have a secret to share with you!
Onions got your eyes stinging & watering? 
Run your hands under water, 
work a squirt of soap into a lather between your palms 
and wave them closely, in front of your eyes for a few seconds. 
Bam! It's gone! No more stinging. No more watering. Works every time.
Speaking of teary eyes, my oldest daughter got her daddy's permission to get her ears pierced today. We made a mommy-daughter date of it this afternoon. And I made a rookie mistake.
The manager met us at the door and when I announced why we were there she asked, "Do you mind doing her ears one at a time because the other girl working isn't trained?"
If anyone can do it, this girl can. She's garnered shock & awe from nurses for years with her taking immunization shots & blood draws without so much as a flinch. She's brave. We're in.
Um, not so. Serious underestimation on my part. That striped lady's patience should earn her far much more than her hourly wage! She was wonderful with my girl. It was a very long time after her first ear was pierced before I finally got her in some version of the choker hold with her eyes blocked to get the second one done. She hopped up seconds later without a tear & totally over it. For the rest of the date, she was floating by my side. Individual attention and big girl treatment are her love languages.

The winner of the Tiny Prints Giveaway is #38. 
She has been notified and will receive a $50 & Free Shipping code to get her Christmas Card shopping on this year! 
In case you're planning to get a snapshot of your crew over this holiday,
Tiny Prints has 100 inspiring Christmas Card ideas here.
A Cup of Jo posted a simple one today that I just love here

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  1. Aw, me and my girls loved reading about this big moment for Lilah! Looks gorgeous!


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