Friday, November 1, 2013

Day 1: Thankfulness | CountUp to Thanksgiving thankfulness garland

Welcome, November!
In the past, I've featured something I'm thankful for each day until Thanksgiving here on the blog (2010 starts here. 2011 starts here. 2012 starts here.)
With 2 of our kids well-able to understand what gratefulness sounds like, looks like, etc. we're making an extra effort at our house to focus on that with the kids this year. Typically, we go around the table over turkey dinner and share something we're thankful for each Thanksgiving. It's actually the way we shared that I was pregnant with our extended family a couple of times.

At home, during our nightly dinner routine, we each share a high & a low from the day. We'll add something we're grateful for to the list this month. We'll talk about miracles, answers to prayer, & the things that we easily take for granted more intentionally this month. Maybe throw in some Thanksgiving trivia too to keep it light!

I've cut out 27 leaf-shapes (loosely based on the 1,000s in my yard) from brown paper bags. Each night a different family member will write something they're grateful for on a leaf & we'll string them along some twine & burlap to create a count up garland. I'll share pictures as it comes along and can give you more of a visual.

The first thing that comes to mind for me this year is: my girlfriends!
A couple of weeks ago I was able to get away with just these girls that are more like sisters to me than friends. We're only together once a year-ish, and it's every bit as familiar and familial feeling as it was 13 years ago.  
For them, and for the girlfriends that, in spite of the changes in our seasons of life and the miles that separate us, remain a wellspring of support, prayer, and joy for me, I am grateful. 
For sisters, that share my love for Jesus and for a Poulsen man, I'm thankful.
This year has been pretty heavy for me and having faith-filled, supportive friends just a text or call away was a lifeline.
Thank you, bless you, girls!

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  1. Beautiful leaves. Thankful garland sounds like a great idea!


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