Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Siri & Jesus

Carter asked me a question while I was driving last night. 
Me: I'm not sure, pal. Let's ask Siri. 
Carter: "Mom, Siri is kind of like Jesus. She knows everything. She gives us directions."
This boy has been asking loaded questions this year. Remember this biggie?
 I catch him reading The Jesus Storybook Bible often. I can't blame him. Have you read it?
I recommend it even for adults who are looking to learn the basic stories of the Bible. Every story whispers His Name, indeed. The stories are terrific launching points for further study and inquiry. I just cannot recommend it enough. You'll find yourself reading it and seeing Jesus as He should be seen, a loving, Rescuer & Redeemer. Read an excerpt here.

And if you're looking for something to explain Jesus and a relationship with him, on a more grown-up level,  I highly recommend listening to Tim Keller's A Covenant Relationship podcast. He addresses the question: "Is God's love unconditional or conditional?"  

The Bible spells out His laws and the blessings of obedience along with the consequences of disobedience. But, it also states clearly that salvation is a free gift, by grace through faith and not works. So, which is it? Or is it both? And what does that mean for my daily life? 
When you understand the conditions of the covenant relationship..it leads you to paradoxical obedience. If you understand the Gospel.."You resist sin like crazy, and you never have a sense of condemnation and despair when you fall into it." 
From someone who has graduated from Bible college and was raised in church, this single message explains the Gospel to me like I've never recognized before. Listen to it! 

Download A Covenant Relationship (FREE) to your iTunes (very quickly) by clicking here.
or you can also listen to A Covenant Relationship by clicking here.
Get your house The Jesus Storybook Bible here.

Both will help you answer your own questions as well as those that seem to pop out of your child's mouth without warning!
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