Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Favorite Things: 33rd Birthday Edition

My 33rd birthday was yesterday.
I love my birthday for a few reasons:
1. I get to hear from so many friends that I don't through the year (Facebook's redeeming quality)
2. I can be sure that my husband will relieve me of all responsibilities, surprise me with something I don't buy myself (like Fiji water) and maybe something I've pinned or mentioned wanting (like my beloved DSLR). This year was no different. It's the small things, isn't it?
While I'm feeling ambivalent about turning 33 (isn't that my mom's age?), I've compiled a list of 33 of my favorite things to share

Some faithful beauty favorites and girly pleasures like:
1. Essie Sole Mate nailpolish
4.  Eucerin Redness Relief Cleanser
6. Gel manicures
7. Beauty indulgences that make me feel like a woman, not just a mom-servant: haircut, eyebrow wax, pedicure, dryBar

And then there are things I've come to appreciate for their novelty:
8. Running into a store alone
9. Actual conversations w/far-away friends, hearing their voices
11. Getting distracted enough on the treadmill to hit the zone
12. Any day my husband is home, when he'd typically be working
13. Take out & a movie w/my husband after the kids are in bed 

Family life favorites:
14. A house full of family: eating, laughing, reminiscing, celebrating, chatting
15. Baby singing in her crib, behind closed door, after we've said goodnight
16. My 7 y/o reading to me, taking turns with pages
17. My capable 5 y/o volunteering to help
18. My three kids smooshed together 
19. My husband laughing out loud at the screen
20. Beach days: charcoal grilling, sand forming, wave jumping

Every day extraordinary things:
21. Finding a bargain on what I'd have to buy regardless
22. Clear counters
23. Having exact change
24. Mrs Meyers Basil countertop spray

Screen time favorites:
25. A Cup of Jo weekend & motherhood posts, Adam's Instagram feed, Copy Cat Chic finds
26. Homeland & College Football

Yummy favorites:
27. Chopped salad
28. Cucumber, ginger, lemon, mint water in a pitcher in my fridge
29. Panera creamy tomato soup in a bread bowl

Things that make me feel alive:
30. Climbing a mountain: problem-solving, scared to step, reaching the summit
31. Singing, especially harmonizing & especially show tunes, jazz & leading worship
32. Roaming NYC streets alone, Metro card in hand, no particular place to go
33. Thoughtful gestures; effort to ask, support, surprise-both given & received.

So, tell me, what are some of your favorites?

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