Monday, September 9, 2013


Reading The Kitchen House. I started it yesterday. It's reminiscent of The Help. It is equally as hard to put down. 
Read Where'd you go Bernadette? last month. Really enjoyable read. fascinating insights into genius' lives and minds. Certainly affirms the importance of using your abilities, getting help when self-help isn't helping, and letting go.

Listening to: John Mayer's new release, Paradise Valley (and not yet over Born & Raised after seeing him live last month).

Getting used to: having just the little one home every afternoon. I find I don't want to put her down for a nap, as much as I crave alone time.

Looking forward to: Wicked on Broadway and another kid-free weekend in NYC

Trying to get into: Halloween! My son is a wild about it! He's begging to decorate the house, pouring over online inspiration, even bought a BH&G magazine on the topic with his allowance! Meanwhile, I grew up ignoring the holiday, so anything besides pumpkins & hay is new for me. This seems like a nice compromise:

Praying for: good friends for my kids at school, church/community, insightful test results, balance

Resisting: My baby girl calling me "Mom".  "Thanks, mom.", "I'm sorry, mom" coming out of her cherry lips seems wrong. I want "mama" back exclusively!
Enjoying: The kick-off of football season! A good reason to have a house full, eat chili & chips, & curl up in a quilt.

Running (which is more like jogging lately) to:
12 Pandora cardio stations you may not have tried
Warm up:  Cups (when I'm gone)  (PS: FOND camp memories playing that game!)
Cool down: Just give me a reason (the rhythm works nicely for abs too)

Cooking: Homemade Sunday sauce w/meatballs & Italian Sausage
Baking: Cinnamon Bread. (pretty good.) Fudgy Chocolate Chunk Brownies Winner! Simple to throw together & decadent! I sub TJs white whole wheat flour in both.

Drinking: coffee only occasionally instead of 2x daily (at least)
Have any yummy tea recommendations???

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