Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Birthday girl's greatest hits

She was delivered via repeat cesarean and was due within a couple days of my birthday. When they asked me to choose a date, I nearly chose my own birthday, thinking it would be neat to share with my daughter. Ultimately, I decided against it. I had a hunch she'd want her own day.
Boy, I'm glad I did. She's not fond of all the "you look just like your mother!", "oh my! this isn't Lilah, this is Tina!" chatter. "I am Lilah." she'll declare. And you are one of a kind, kid!
You get us wide-eyed with your competence, hand-over-mouth-agape in shock, rolling on the floor laughing, and your will challenges us incomparably.
Remember when she was 2 1/2 and she lifted her 6 day old sister out of the bassinet? And when she walked into a silent, full waiting room and asked, "Mom, so this is what old people smell like?"

In honor of the birthday girl, here are some of Lilah's Greatest Hits here on detailgalblog:

4. Shouting "Shut Up" during a sacred moment

5. #2 was supposed to be a playmate for #1

And a bonus: (because I couldn't have 6 on a 5 y/o birthday post and I couldn't leave it out)
What did I do to deserve you? 

Happy Birthday, Lilah Sophia!
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