Thursday, August 22, 2013

When do you stop feeling like one of them?

Syracuse University was teaming with enthusiasm last night when we walked around after a little fro-yo run with the family. We could hear "lets go ORANGE! lets go ORANGE!" bursting from the hall filled with freshman and their ambivalent parents.

It takes me just a second before I'm wearing a navy Polo shirt dress, with a white trimmed collar and sitting in the gym at my own freshmen orientation. Inconspicuously scanning the crowd, I felt equally out-of-place and sure this was the beginning of the best years of my life. Boy, was I right. The first year was sketchy, but Sophomore year made up for it a 1000x over. (Bowie 4 East Forever!)
And then my 4 year old shouts, "MOM, I HAVE TO PEE!" and I'm jolted from my daydream. On auto-pilot, I escort her in search of a bathroom.

"It's funny", I say to myself, "Look at me! I'm just like one of these students and yet, here I am chasing three children around the campus!" Just a few years ago I was one of them.
Wait. Yes, a few years. No! ELEVEN YEARS since I was a college student! 
"Still," I convince myself, "ditch the kids and I'd blend right in."
And then my 7 year old tells me he wishes he can skip 2nd grade & just go to college and I think, you have a lifetime before college.
11 years.
And it hits me like bricks, I'm just as close to being a college student's parent as I am a college student, myself. 
"One of three days you'll be born and raised and it all comes on without warning."
-John Mayer, Born and Raised
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  1. Yes. Totally get this feeling. I have 15 college girls in my home every Monday night and I'm constantly reminding myself, "Not one of them. They think I'm old." Or sometimes one of them will say something and I'll think "Oh need a mama and good talkin' too"....and that's my reminder that I'm REALLY not one of them. :)


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