Monday, August 5, 2013

I want to be the babysitter!

I had one goal for this summer break:
To "color outside the lines" with my kids. That is to say-be silly, get out the messy paints, eat french fries for dinner, start a movie at 8, etc. Think again before uttering a reflexive "no". Try my hardest to resist routine-albeit healthy and predictable-for the sake of plain old fun!

Frankly, it seems as if making such a bold request has sabotaged its realization.
My children have bickered & whined far too often to be rewarded. They've make outlandish choices and disobeyed. I've spent a good chunk of time disciplining and refereeing.

I want to be the babysitter!
Without innate investment in them reaching their future potential. No drive toward teaching them responsibility, to make wise choices, or for fostering a familial bond.
Nothing but popsicles and playtime all summer long! 

Truthfully, I stink at spontaneity. The inconveniences often incurred when unprepared sting me. I enjoy laying out options, discerning pros and cons, and deliberating far too long before arriving at best case scenario. To be found guilty of not thinking something through is the ultimate charge. (INFJ, if you're wondering)

I hardly deter from the time-tested routine of our day as much as I would love to be free-flowing.

This is the major attraction of camping: drastically different from home, I'm required to roll with the punches. We swam in our pajamas at the crack of dawn for crying out loud! I allowed the kids to eat gobs of candy and add sugary drops to their recycled water bottles because we were hiking and swimming all day. Certainly, they had meltdowns that I blame directly on lack of routine and nutritious foods, but we survived.
This was my hope for the summer.

On this particular day, my kids had behaved through a Target run and I was feeling especially whimsy.
Me: Kids, let's get an Icee & popcorn combo!
Kids: What? we have to use our allowance? Is it free? Did we get a gift card? 
Me: Nope. It's on me. 
Kids: running, shouting, 'we want an Icee and popcorn' to the lady behind the counter, figuring the probability of revocation dramatically decreases once it's ordered.
It was a grand gesture!
One more month to go.

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  1. we might be sisters in another life!!! (except i am ENFJ.... close enough) i had grand plans... getting into a spontaneous mud fight with my son, late night ice cream run with just my girl, shaving cream art in the backyard with my babies.... oh well, there's always next summer when my kids are older, right? (that's my default)


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