Friday, June 14, 2013

Daddy's Home

The garage door starts it's ascent and bam! 
Daddy's home!
Is it as exciting a moment at your house as it is mine?

When I had a newborn, it was relief. Hand over the baby, mama's taking a shower.
With toddlers, it means turn up the iTunes, dance party with daddy while mama makes dinner.
The girls go wild! Especially the mid-kid. She's crazy about daddy, has favored him since infancy. She drops whatever she's involved in and runs toward the door. Nothing is more important to her at that moment.
My 1st grader doesn't cheer anymore; often he shouts "Quick, hide! Mom, tell daddy I'm still at the gym & he has to go pick me up! Lilaaahhh, hide! Not with me. Quiet!"

Me? I'm bursting inside like my girl is; I think she gets her adoration for Dan from me, honestly. But I positively suck at showing it. Always have. I want to drop whatever I'm doing, greet him at the door and kiss his face off. But I don't. Hardly ever. Even pre-kids, as newlyweds, I would stay at the stove top stirring the sauce & turn to smile at him when he walked into the kitchen. See! Pathetic.

I want to blame it on my divorced parents; this "Hi, honey, I'm home" thing is new to me. But, please, after 10 years, it's familiar enough. I have had every intention of changing my ways. God, he appreciates it so much when I meet him. Shouldn't I be glad he wants to see me? He cares to hug me the moment he gets home. What is my problem? Every year it is on my New Years Resolution list. Along with wear more attractive pajamas. And before I know it, I fall back into staying caught up in whatever I'm doing, because I'll see him in a few seconds and I'll greet him then. What's the big deal?

Daddy is home. All is right in the world.
Well until the kids start bickering.
Mom gets annoyed & plays "gotta finish dinner" card.
Tell me, do you greet him at the door and lay one on him?
Do you stay immersed in whatever, call out "hey!" and wait til you pass each other to kiss?
One of my pals once told me she actually cheers. Like a cheerleader. Lucky guy.
My guy certainly deserves that kind of corny fanfare.

happy father's day, babe!
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