Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I spent the first half inconspicuously searching the dark room for someone, any one showing as much pain as I was feeling. 
How are they pulling this off so gracefully
My feet are literally locked in now.
Besides, I wouldn't dream of walking out or working at a lower pace because I'm far too competitive & prideful for that type of wussy behavior. 
That's the thing about group classes that works so well for me.
It's an element I've missed hitting the treadmill to run exclusively for the past year or so, with no accountability.

I'd given myself until February to try a spinning class for the first time. When March 1st glared back at me from my iPhone screen, I knew I had to face my "new girl in the cool kids' class" anxieties. I had little time to linger on my insecurities once the music started and the lights went out:

My lady parts didn't hurt that badly after trying to push my baby out.
Why is no one else screeching in pain? 
These gals have far less padding anywhere on their bodies than I do, this is KILLER! Kelly Ripa does this?
Did you gals stuff your panties before we started? No, seriously, I'm holding back tears. What am I missing?

Days later, I still hadn't fully recovered. Walking around in heels on Sunday was quite a feat, because by then, the leg soreness had matched that of my lady parts.

Because fit folks swear by this exercise, and the lines to get in that classroom are long and consistent each day, I've got to go back again and see if it's any easier to pretend the seat isn't violating me.
How long does it take; seriously? 
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  1. takes a while. You can buy an inexpensive bike seat cushion/cover from Wal-Mart that helps a bit.


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