Friday, March 22, 2013

Winter's bright sides & a winner!

I can hardly wait for this "silver white Winter" to "melt into Spring!"
The first days of Spring here in NY have been marked by snowfall & bitter cold wind.
Most days, I can ward off Winter blues with the anticipation of warmer temps at Disney World next month.
This morning, freezing my tail off at the gas pump, I began compiling a list of reasons to be thankful for the cold to keep myself from spiraling into an ugly "enough is enough" frenzy. 

The Bright sides of a lingering Winter:
1. still getting dark enough for kids to go to bed at 7:30
2. no mosquitoes or other pests
3. milk & frozen goods survive in the trunk, no need to plan ahead running errands
4. kids are in school
5. no lawn care or weeding the flower beds
6. less hair-removal maintenance pressure
7. no frizz or humidity sabotaging blow-outs
8. more time to tone up before donning swimsuits & shorts
9. not plagued by pollen & other outdoor allergies 
10. did I say, kids are in school?

Did I miss any???

Congratulations to Commenter #10: Nina! 
You have won the 8x8 Shutterfly Photobook, including FREE shipping!

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