Monday, March 25, 2013

Operation Tooth Fairy: Fail

Operation Tooth Fairy: fail.
My son lost his first tooth yesterday after church. He has anticipated this experience for a while now, being pretty late in the game at 7 y/o.
The tiny tooth was put into a resealable bag and placed under his pillow.
Late that night, the "tooth fairy" crept in to retrieve the bag & leave the goods without waking the sleeping toothless one.
Safely out of his room, the "tooth fairy" discovered the bag was empty & it was opened slightly! AH!
Does "the fairy" go back in & risk blowing the magic off his first experience by waking him?
No. Too risky.
The tooth is tinier than my pinky fingernail; surely it will be inconspicuous in the bed sheets & the loot will distract him immediately.
This morning dear son came in holding the tooth in my face.
"Mom, the tooth fairy forgot my tooth"
"Oh. Really? I think that reminds me...the tooth fairy leaves the first tooth for you to keep. It's a special memory."
yes.that's good. is he buying it? 

Moments later I heard him repeating the scenario with my husband.
GREAT! Dan will definitely blow the cover. He's too transparent. Dangit! Why did I have to marry such an honest man?
Miracle of miracles: I overheard Dan say "Oh, she let you keep it?! That's good."

Over Cheerios, my suspicious little guy said,
"there's one more thing, mom. the dollar was folded. the tooth fairy doesn't fold dollars. She delivers them flat. So tell me. Just tell me. Was it you that put the money there, mom?"
"Carter, the tooth fairy put the money there."
Lie. Ish. I'm the tooth fairy, so it doesn't count, right?

MidKid didn't want to be left out of the teeth photos. Hopefully I can get it right with her. Pin It

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  1. Just so you know...the tooth fairy has to pay double if she gets too busy to pick up the tooth the first night it's under the pillow. Night two is expensive. (I hear it's an attempt to assuage her guilt.)


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