Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I wish...

Winter has a way of bringing out the "I wish"es in me.
I promise to follow-up with "I'm thankful"s if you'll tell me I'm not alone:

I wish...
...cheese wasn't so tasty
...we could find a babysitter and have regularly scheduled date nights 
...exercising & limiting what I eat produced faster results. I mean come on.
...my college pals lived nearby. I want their kids to play in the snow piles in my front yard with mine, while they sit inside & drink hot coffee with me.
..."sexy" wasn't the adjective of choice in songs, otherwise adolescent-friendly. and worse, in selling everything from yogurt to shampoo. get more creative, you lazy punks!
...Proverbs 22:6 was guaranteed. parenting was a science, with proven results. encourage books instead of TV=ivy league graduate. promote fruit instead of candy=healthy choices. Model grace instead of legalism=loving, following Jesus
...flights to Rome weren't $1000
...people I love wouldn't hurt & would always make the best choices
...contentment could be found in subway tile & Restoration Hardware packages on my doorstep
...my kids would not argue ("NO! It is NOT Friday!" for 18 1/2 min..)
...I always talked to my husband the way I think of him: smart, capable, trust-worthy
...driver's wouldn't text 
...Parenthood was still on
...my 7 year old wasn't immovably set on Chuck E Cheese for his birthday party
...my kids would SLEEP IN...like til 11.

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  1. Replace cheese with ice cream and I am so there with you! :) I struggle with this too; being thankful, but wishing for more or for certain things to be different. However, based on your list, I think your wishes are very sweet and selfless.


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