Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The culprit?

At first, I was blaming the gym. The more frequently the girls and I went, the more often we were sitting in the "sick waiting room". Carter, never one of the sick kids, also is at school when we hit the gym. Hmmm...
Then he got sick.
Waaaaaiiiit a minute...

I'm not certain this otherwise wonderful willingness to help isn't partly to blame for our family's perpetual puking and feverishness lately. Those little helping hands have been spotted in nasty, germy places. (I won't even subject you to examples, like nose picking, crack itching, dog feeding.) 
Once I suspected this as the culprit, I began asking her to wash her hands before starting this chore (when I remember). We had a sickness-free couple of weeks, but it's baaack and unwelcome!
We are:
Vitamin C popping
Green smoothie drinking (this recipe. sub almond milk. sometimes omit oatmeal & pb. half the banana. add berries or peaches. ALWAYS frozen banana.)
Hand washing
Coat & hat wearing
Lysol wiping

What are you doing to keep germs at bay????

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