Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Oatmeal cookies w/dark chocolate & dried fruit

There's something about a clean kitchen that makes me want to bake?
Is it just me?
My husband got the island countertop so shiny it was begging for some flour & measuring spoons.
I quickly searched Pinterest for an oatmeal cookie that only called for 1 cup and could be altered to use the trail mix I had on hand.
(Do you find yourself searching Pinterest over Google these days like I do?)
King Arthur White Whole Wheat flour is a pantry staple here because it's a sneaky way to get whole wheat in your baking. I was drawn to this recipe.
I altered it to include 2 cups (total) of dark chocolate chunks, dried cranberries, & raisins instead of the 3 cups of chocolate chips. I also substituted white whole wheat flour for the All Purpose in the original recipe.

They are buttery, with just the right balance of chew & crisp. 

My husband & I did this together. I secretly pretend we are Diane & Jack in Something's Gotta Give making pancakes (see it here), whenever we mix something up in the kitchen at night together.
By the time they came out of the oven, we had our future worked out & the world's issues solved.  
Is your husband your favorite person to talk with also? Smart guys rock!

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  1. Funny. A clean kitchen makes me want to ban anyone from entering and go out to eat. To preserve the clean state. :)


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