Friday, March 30, 2012

Running playlist | Warm up/Cool down playlist

Tomorrow morning I'm crossing something off of the I'll-probably-never-do-this-so-I-won't-even-put-it-on-the-list of things I want to accomplish in my life list.

The last time I remember being this intimidated was on the drive over to meet my blind date, who became my husband.
I've still never run outside so the race will be my first time. eeek!
I did my very best on the treadmill and I had to walk more than I had hoped.
I'm counting on what everyone seems to say: that the crowd & the live bands will move me farther, faster than I go on the treadmill alone in the gym.

Here's my tried & true running playlist.
You can listen to it on Spotify here.
*Disclosure: not the best lyrics, but the best beats for getting (& keeping) my booty moving.

Waka Waka is so fun; it's hard not to sing out loud.
(Have you ever heard anyone sing out loud at the gym?) God, I'd just love if everyone broke into a routine; I pictured it often when I first started. Hey, treadmill running is booooring.
And Stronger is a sure-fire "push me when I want to stop" pick.

You can listen to my warm up/cool down playlist here on Spotify. I use it for walking at any pace & stretching so it's quite a tempo mix. I'm going to trust you not to warm up with Fix You.

I was hoping to find a movie with a female runner girl to inspire me tonight, but I haven't thought of a good one. Think: The Devil Wears Prada, swap running for fashion.
The most notable running scene I've seen lately is George Clooney running in boat shoes in The Descendants. Perfectly hilarious & pathetic all at the same time. He talks about how it came to be here.

Inspire me: 
how did you push yourself past your comfort zone
 & are now so glad you did?

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Monday, March 26, 2012

The things they say...Carter, at it again

This weekend was Busch Gardens' opening weekend! 
Carter, especially has been looking forward to it since he has every hope that he is tall enough to ride the big roller coaster he was an inch+ too short to ride last year. As you know, we've made many trips to the Dr since January. He hops up on the scale, standing tall & serious-as-can-be while the nurse measures his height. 
"48 inches", she reports. 
His eyes dart to me, no words needed.
"Yep. That's what you have to be!"
Turning 6 meant nothing more to him than the added probability of riding the roller coasters.
As any little sister would, Lilah pretends to be as interested in which roller coaster she might be "big enough to ride"
Saturday morning came. It was overcast & drizzling while we drove to the Y for swim lessons & mommy's 10K practice (eeek!). Carter asks question after question, most of all I've answered before. Lilah chimes in with her own inquiries about the Grover roller coaster on Sesame Street.
Now Carter has put up with it long enough.
"Lilah, no it's not scary", "Lilah, no it doesn't go very high", "It doesn't go upside down" ,and finally "It's not very fun. Okay? It's a baby ride. It's not scary."
Time for mom to get involved.
Me: "Carter, it's not a baby ride. Can Clara ride it?"
point taken
Me: "It's designed for kids Lilah's age. It's high & fast for them. Many kids, even your age, that would be too afraid to ride on it. ."
Carter: "Actually mom, I am afraid of it too. I'm afraid it will be a waste of my time." 
Stunned at the wit. In disbelief, I look into his eyes through the rear-view mirror. No. He's dead serious. Not old enough to 'get" how comedic the timing.
 "It has a long line." He adds, sensing the question in my expression.

My little thrill-seekers didn't get to ride anything. We packed everything up & drove to the parking lot hoping the drizzle would end once we hit the booth but no such luck. Each day it rained. Maybe next week. 

*In case you missed this anatomically correct moment that had me laughing out loud, read it here.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

thankful for...

1. play dates with new friends
2. grown-up date with new friends
3. courage 
4. husband coming home with flowers, knowing where to get them for cheap
6. family walk around Colonial Williamsburg, perfect filler for after dinner, pre-bedtime 
7. Lilah cheerfully greeting every passerby out her window
8. Carter receives the Good Citizen award
9. liquid band-aid for running with blistered heels
10. discount without even asking
11. Super B complex, energy booster. (going to try this liquid version when I run out of these)
12. Clara's x-ray results: normal

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    Monday, March 19, 2012

    Here's to crossing off the list!

    The proverbial list. You know the "Gosh, I hope one day I'll...." list.
    I've accomplished plenty of things that were never on that list. Happy things like having 3 kids, making the perfect roast chicken, seeing the cherry blossoms in DC, etc.

    I think the things I really wanted to accomplish never even made the list because I couldn't bare the fact that realizing them is simply unimaginable.
    1. Being happy with my weight and size. Yea. Never. Gonna. Happen.

    But then I started crossing things off like: 
    2. Clearing up my face with the right face wash & moisturizer & foundation for my skin

    3. Stop biting nails (seemingly impossible for this lifelong nail biter here). Besides willpower, this polish made it possible. 9 months & they're long & strong. (& far too oval for my taste, but there's a language barrier.) Regular gel manicures keep them in tip top shape & last all month.

    Then frustrated with my plateau doing Zumba & eating no carbs for months, I decided to take a swing at running. I truly figured it would be a one or two time try & quit. I have asthma. I find the treadmill incredibly boring. I'm short & curvy, not long & lean like the "runner girls" I've always envied admired.

    It's been three months. I started out being able to run 1/2 a mile. I run nearly every other day on a treadmill. Honestly, 3 miles is my max.  I finish a 5K in 34 min only if I take my inhaler beforehand, have the perfect mix of music, the right pair of pants, and band aids on my blistered heels.

     Today, I signed up for a 10K.

    The race is named one of USA Today's top in the country, saying:
    The Monument Avenue 10K
    Richmond, Va.
    This 6.21-mile race, to be held next on March 27, 2010, takes runners down tree-lined Monument Avenue, which is dotted with historic statues and surrounded by beautiful Southern homes. "You get the sense that Richmond really was the capital of the south," says Yasso, who explains it's also a very festive race. There are bands that play along the course and a costume contest. "It's a big party,"says Yasso.

    Dan ran last year along with my (8m pregnant) friend & her family. Also pregnant, I couldn't imagine running it then or ever but the excitement in the air got me wishing I could. The vibe down there was contagious: healthy & fun. My kids loved the dancers from UVA. This year Dan & the kids will wait for me at the finish line and hopefully it won't be dark by the time I arrive. (The race starts in the morning)
    Wish me luck folks. At this point, I've never, ever, ever run outside.

    Maybe I can cross "go to Italy" off my list next!

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    Saturday, March 17, 2012

    Rainbow cake for St Patty's Day

    Happy St Patrick's Day!
    Corned beef & cabbage smells amaaaaazing at our house.
    My Lebanese husband made it. 
    They took my Weber's mustard from my carry-on bag coming home from WNY on Monday; guess we'll have to make our own horseradish mustard replacement.

    The cake above: white cake mix, split into 4 bowls & dyed, baked in 4 round pans, & layered with vanilla buttercream frosting. Pin It

    Thursday, March 15, 2012

    thankful for...

    1. Every one of us is healthy. Every one. All week. Every one!
    2. People we barely know reaching out to support us while we were pathetically sick
    3. Texts, emails, voicemail, fb posts from across the country wishing, praying we recover 
    4. Got to be at Nana's funeral; Dan was supportive, did a great job with kids alone all weekend
    5. learned about my sister-in-law's childhood. sad. admirable over-comer.
    6. sleeping in past 10. in my old room
    7. happy (& delicious) dinner with the Lepianes (at Casa Amica Lewiston, NY)
    8. De Dees (ice cream) was open the weekend I went back to NY (these photos taken there last April. ps: locals-look to the left when you get to the end of the line & you'll spot a toddler Carter's photo. He has the best time there with my brother's friends that own the place.)
    9. Hugging my kids; getting home safely
    10. Tan lines! Welcome back!
    11. Picnic dinner on the beach
    12. We are healthy! Every one of us. Have been all week.

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        Wednesday, March 14, 2012

        This is the way, follow it

        You might recall one of the things I was thankful for the first week of this year was for taking the entrepreneurial leap. And just last week I wrote about how we've received exciting answers to prayer recently. Our family started a company this year and we've already experienced some encouraging "ups" and disturbing "downs". We expected as much in this endeavor but I can't say it makes navigating it easier.
        We've put up quite a few "Dear God, just direct us!" pleas. 
        As most of you that have committed your life to serving God know, discovering His plan for you life sometimes "fleshes out" as going in the direction you think you're being lead, trusting Him to either close doors or give you courage to open them or walk through open ones along the way. 

        That's precisely where we find ourselves today. It turns out taking the leap was one thing, discerning which rock to jump to next is yet another.  The impact of our choices from the beginning seems far-reaching. Last week I prayed, "God, just speak to Dan. At each turn, can you be as clear as 'yes. do this' or 'no, don't go there.'?" Stumbling across this scripture in Isaiah was thrilling!
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        Thursday, March 8, 2012

        Lilah, what did I do to deserve you?

        As mommy to Lilah, I quite often wonder,
        "what did I do to deserve her?" 
        (read: have mercy, Jesus)

        For example:
        When I've been awake all night caring for & cleaning up after her daddy & brother, who contracted an ugly stomach bug, which also woke up her sick baby sister,
        she's still up bright and early at 6:53am huunngreeee and fuurrsteeeee.
        Lord, have mercy.

        More & more often lately I find myself wondering,
        "what did I do to deserve her?" 
        (read: thank you, Jesus)

        Today was one of those days.
        She seems completely oblivious to the fact that our family has been plagued with illness for a ridiculously long time now and furthermore she has no idea this is the worst of all weeks.
        Today was the first day I've been out of bed in 3 days because fever, chills, nausea, etc knocked me out of commission.
        One of my first tasks was steam vacuuming an accident out of the living room carpet. Not good.

        My Nana died yesterday and I had to finagle a flight that departed after my husband got out of work & returned home before he started again so I could make the funeral, while my baby, with bronchitis whined on my hip.
        My conversation with Southwest customer relations was interrupted by a call from the school nurse telling me my son had a fever, and stomach ache & needed to be picked up asap.

        To her this was today's outing, which, as usual, she requested involve lunch at Chick fil A. She didn't whine when I said "no"& explained we were getting Carter & going to the Dr. She put on her sparkly shoes, furry-hooded vest, and asked to take a banana with her for the trip.
        To her this was a "roll down the window, stick your head out, and feel the wind blowing through your hair" day. I honestly don't think I would have noticed that it was 73 degrees & beautiful today if it weren't for my rear-view mirror glimpse of her.

        I would probably have crumbled at urgent care with all 3 kids-one so sick he was already laying on the filthy floor by the time I got my insurance card out at the registration desk-but I turned to see Lilah's naked booty bent over in front of the potty, door wide opened to the waiting room! 

        Oh, Lilah, what did I do to deserve you?

        Consider this my "thankful for" post for this week.
        Regretfully,  I haven't written a single thing in my thankfulness journal in over a week. Which now that I think about it, could be a reason why this week has been nearly unbearable.

        *photo by sjbridgeman photography
        *cropped for emphasis by me

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        Monday, March 5, 2012

        Phil 4:6-8, for when it pours

        Today I need this. I thought I'd share it in case you do too.
        We had a bout with food poisoning over the weekend. My husband is still battling it.
        My baby is still fighting bronchitis after 7 weeks of treatments and her ears are still blazing with infection, which we are hoping will clear now as she starts her 3rd round of antibiotics.
        One or more of our party of 5 has been sick since mid-January.
        I got word that my Nana was being taken off life support today, 10 hours away.
        I can't imagine not being at her funeral. I can't travel with or part from my sick infant.
        My sister-in-law said it well, "when it rains, it pours".
        Our plates are full, as life moves on.
        Some exciting answers to prayers we've been sending up for years have come our way in the midst of this.
        The timing, uncanny.
        We need supernatural provision to be good stewards of these blessings.

        God has been faithful.
        His peace will sustain us.
        His power will heal us.
        "‘This is what the Lord, the God of your father David, says: I have heard your prayer and seen your tears; I will heal you." 2 Kings 20:4
        His grace will get us through.
        "But he said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me." 2 Cor 12:9

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        Thursday, March 1, 2012

        thankful for..

        1. children's ibuprofen
        2. big people Advil liquigels.
        (people we're going on nearly 2 months with sickness in our family. completely unwelcome at this point. gratuitous photo of the baby girl whose had it worst. bronchitis is gone! fever came back again today)

        3. getting lost on Zillow, imagining a life in a charming craftsman
        4. friends. secret-keeping, nonjudgemental, praying friends.
        5. frozen baby washcloths. teething wonder-worker. for a min or two.
        6. fresh guacamole made table-side to share with the best-looking guy in the place
        7. shaving 4 min off my 5K time (Yes. Hi. My name is Tina, and I have a 5K time.)
        8. this tip for bringing butterflies back to your marriage
        9. fresh cut flowers ($4) in a mason jar

        10. flip flops & picnic lunch with Lilah while baby naps
        11. Carter read a page from one of his favorite books to his class
        12. reading Magic Treehouse books, snuggled in my bed with kids at bedtime. thanks Aunt Michelle!
        13. gracious husband. still looking at me like that.
        14. family dance party with Nana to Beach Boys Pandora station
        15. turning this one up loud and singing our hearts out on the way to the gym!
        "every fear has no place at the sound of Your great Name. the enemy, he has to leave at the sound of Your great Name! the fatherless they find their rest...sick are healed...dead are the sound of Your great Name!"
        16. a good cry. in case you haven't "met" this lovely, courageous blogger sharing her fight with cancer, choosing joy: check her out here.

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