Friday, December 7, 2012

less is more. real is better.

I finally pressed "submit order" on our family Christmas cards.
There was a point, after failed attempt after failed attempt to nail an impressive shot, that I considered taking shots of just our feet in the snow or the more compliant dog.
We won't be mistaken for paid Christmas card models after all. In the end, I captured my kids being my kids. 
They're best at that. 
I'm better off embracing it.

The White House Christmas card features their dog, Bo. But not because the Obamas aren't picture perfect, of course. Read the story behind the painting here (the artist made the snow using a toothbrush!) It's beautiful! 

I'm nearly done Christmas shopping. Most of it has been delivered. Some of it has been wrapped. My mom is taking our kids next weekend so I have high hopes of wrapping it all.
We're taking a modest approach to our kids' Christmas gifts this year. It's shaping up to be around 4 gifts each. I know! But listen to why:
#1, there truly isn't one thing that they need
#2, our hope is to make the few gifts meaningful and played with rather than tossed aside in the superfluous flow. 
I'm not going to lie: it's been hard for me to resist buying just for the sake of that magical glimpse at presents pouring out from under the tree on Christmas morning. Dan keeps me focused on how memorable it will be to spend the day playing with the couple of things we know our kids will be thrilled to unwrap.

We are not drawing any relations between the fact that Jesus got 3 gifts from the Wise Men because we do not want them to attach getting less with Jesus. "Well I only get 3 gifts, albeit special, because Jesus only got 3." is where I imagine my child going in his mind. And Jesus is the reason we have abundance, not less.

I've read/heard a few bloggers doing 4 gifts; something you want, you need, to wear, to read. Clever. Maybe when they're a bit older because we decided that takes away some of the mystery in the anticipation. And anticipation & wonder are major for me. Plus, Dan regards practical gifts pretty lame: socks, underwear, boots, etc. don't count. (Yikes! Those are my go-to stocking stuffers)

We know what impacts them most is having our time & attention, playing with them all day in our pajamas.
I desperately want to raise grateful, thoughtful kids.
The spirit of giving has already won over getting most days around here, where my oldest 2 have been coming up with idea after idea to give each other & the people in their lives. Hooray!

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