Friday, December 28, 2012

Kinda thankful for sick kids

On the 16th the baby had a fever and one by one they've all fallen ill since then. I know I'm not alone with a house full of sickness. 
I'm kinda liking it. 
Now am I alone?
Let me explain.
#1: No stomach sickness to clean up after. Their diagnosis are run-of-the-mill and recovery is expected. At some point.
2. Between the fevers and the drugs my kids are setting family records for cuddle time, sofa-bound for hours and hours for over a week.
3. No cooking. Nobody's hungry. If hunger strikes, smoothies & crackers suffice. For those of us not sick, a hunk of Wegmans' Ultimate Chocolate cake or other holiday meal leftovers work just fine.
4. We're snowed in! Can you imagine if all 3 kids were perfectly healthy & not under the influence and we were trapped in here for this long together while school was out?! 
So I'm thankful...
1. All of the holidays went as planned. Our (brave) family filed in as expected and we had a grand ol' time! My sister-in-law even brought dinner.
2. Antibiotic co-pays are are measly $4. I'm pretty sure we've spent nearly was much on Dr's visits & drugs this month as we did on Christmas.
3. I adopted the sanity tray idea (seen at top) years ago. It corrals all the meds, thermometer, etc and can be taken up & down the stairs for over night care.
4. My husband has been home with me for most all of this. We've tackled quite a few little projects around here together. I just wish he never had to go to work, ever.
5. Feeling like I needed control over something, with kids needing no entertaining, I single-handedly took down Christmas decor on the 26th.
Okay, that may be the bad part: I took it all down before I realized I hadn't taken any photos of it. The wall of Christmas cards remains. If you don't spot your card, it's likely because my kids have taken to carrying them around. Though, that reminds me, I haven't been to the mailbox in days...

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