Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

From me to you:
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
The Sandy Hook tragedy has certainly shaken me to be committed to what really matters to me. I spent Christmas unplugged, at home with family. 
Is there anything better than your house full of those you love? 
I'm thankful to live closer after years of living far from relatives. 
Especially since our kids have had fevers & flu for a week now so any travel plans would have been canceled. 
Too sick to go to church on Christmas Eve, we listened to the audio version of this story by the light of the fireplace, a family tradition. I held my 6 year old in bed for at least an hour & a half when the light of the moon reflecting off the snowy ground tricked him woke him up far too early on Christmas morning. Gifts were opened in a flash, especially since we went without the fluff this year.
He later told me this was "like the best of all Christmases ever" which secured our more modest approach will be repeated. We snuck out after kids were tucked in bed to see Les Miserables! Wow! Go!
Thank you for reading this blog.
I know there are so many other interesting ways to distract yourself online so I appreciate you choosing detailgalblog. 
I've been encouraged by the #s of you this year and hope to hear more from you in 2013.
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