Monday, November 12, 2012

thankful for LOL

No seriously.
It had been a long time.
Few things are better than laughing soundlessly. And that can't-look-at-you-without-giggling-uncontrollably is the best! Well unless it happens in church or when a stranger comes in & you can't explain that you're not laughing at them b/c you can't. stop. laughing.

Yesterday I drove to IKEA (8 hours roundtrip) ALONE! All the cabinets could fit in our van, if empty of all but a driver. Somebody had to do it and my loving husband nominated me. I packed a few fruits & filled my travel mug at the Keurig while downloading Bossypants on iTunes seconds after the decision was made.
Granted, she & I have some different values, but Tina Fey had me laughing out loud more times than I have in months.

More specifically her chapters on beauty & parenting tips (the oversized t, bike shorts, & fanny pack!), the period box, & her dad, Don Fey were among the "most hysterical". Surprisingly, her bit about Second City & the lessons of improv, translating into life (law of agreement. gulp!) got me to think deeply about my way of relating.

I'm telling you it was good for my soul. Not just the alone time, not just the thrill of filling the back of my van with IKEA goodies, and drinking a whole, hot cup of coffee, but busting a gut at her beauty tips, parenting advice, and life experiences. Hillarious. Laughing out loud alone in the car every few minutes. Try it. I'm going to listen again while I run this week.

As was recommended to me: if you have yet to read it, don't. Get the audiobook, read theatrically by Ms. Fey, herself.

My son had me cracking up this morning when I poured him & myself a green monster smoothie only to have Lilah come up & ask for mine. While she was drinking my smoothie, he said "Mom, you're like a penguin. They chew up their food & feed their kids." No honey, that's Alicia Silverstone.  Pin It


  1. ok, Lilah had me laughing to tears with the penguin statement, how funny, tears still rolling down my cheeks!

  2. im so glad you got to listen to it!! I started that Mindy Kaling book "is everyone hanging out without me?" it was pretty funny too. Def not as good as bossypants.


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